Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Goth Challenge day 30: HUGE blog list

Day 30: Make a list of blogs you regularly read and link to them.

Pretty sure the world is not ready for this. I will try to divide them up into categories instead of inflicting you with one enormous list. Here goes.

My most-loved:
A Mortal Doth Approach
A Goth In College
Adora BatBrat
Allison's Bat Cave
Bloggery of a Gothcat
Clockwork Mice and Toy Spiders
GIY: Goth It Yourself
Gothic Divine Magazine
The Gothic Tea Society
Gothy Two Shoes
Graveyard Picnic
If I Only Were A Goth
Juliet's Lace
Mad Girl
Sincerely, Boots.
Siouxsie Law
Sophistique Noir
The Walrus Room
The Zombie Moshpit
Gothic Charm School

Gothy Blogs of Doom and Awesomeness:
All Black Everything
A Dark Angel's Life
A Bit of Black
Pop Gothica
Below Dark Water
Black-clad in Korea
Button Eyed Freaks
Color Me Goth
The Courtesan Macabre
Dark Entries
Darker Fashions
Daughter of Death
Dreams of Black Lace
Etsy Dark Team
From The Other Side
Geeky Goth Girl
Goth Girl of the Week
Gothica Gothique & the Emporium Gothica
Gothically yours...
Goths in Hot Weather
Karnaval Bergaris Mata
Le Professeur Gothique
Mary's Insatiable Fable
Merry & Gloomy
Military Fashion Show
Miss Meow
Miss Vermilion
My life as a fairy princess.
My Spot in the Spectrum
Naughty Nightmares
Neverending: Playlist of a Psycho
Ophelia's Cupboard
Organic Goth
Petticoats and Saddle Soap
Pretty Lies
Shadowed Paths
Stars in the Gutter
Still Dark at Heart
Sweet Nightmare Kitchen
The Cat's Aunt
The Christian Goth
The Dark Victorian
The Gothic Two-Step
The Illustrated Memoirs of a Gothic Gentleman
The Life and Times of Bohemian Blitzkrieg
The Life of a Puerto Rican Goth
The Melancholy Romantic
The Midnight Ballroom
The Phantom Cat's Otherworld
The Tome of Marilyn Jay Freak
This is CorpGoth
Thoughts from an eclectic goth mind...
Through the Looking Glass
Velvet and Layce
Vulcan Butterfly
Walking with strangers
When real things happen to imaginary people

Other alt fashion blogs:
Bats and Bunnies (VelvetBat's blog includes Lolita, Goth, gyaru, and cyber fashion.)
Aesthetic Lolita
An aesthetic obsession
F Yeah Lolita
If Alice Were Into Platforms...
Rosa Nitida (SO. Pretty.)
Ruffles Not Diets
Strange Girl
Tentacles and Teacups
The Neo-Victorian Parlour
The Steampunk Tribune

'Babybat' blogs (from self-described younger Gothlings and babybats):
Babybat's Blog
DIY and Other Dangerous Adventures
Gothling Academy
Little Miss Gloom and Doom
Riskia's Crypt

Author Gail Carriger
Blood and Books
Death, Books and Tea
Glitter is my crack...
It'll Take The Snap Out Of Your Garters!
Lipsticks & Lightsabers
One of Beauty's Daughters
sassyNpunk Blog
Must Have Cute
The Art of Make-Up - Fade To Black
The Spooky Vegan
Unlacing the Victorians
The Crow and The Powderpuff

Pretty Tumblrs (lots of great Gothy inspiration and where I source most of the pics on this blog):
Goth Underground
The Darkest Show on Earth
Stars in the Gutter
Gothy Things
Gothic Charm School: Pretty Things
Random Goth Thangs
Goth Style
Journey of a Babybat
All Things Goth
365 Days of Halloween


Duvessa said...

You know, this is going to take me forever to go through all those blogs! Some I read already but never enough good blogs to follow ;)

And thank you for reading/listing mine :)

Sheridan said...

Daaaag I'm in your most loved! <3
- this makes me want to blog even more better blogs O_O -

Teresa said...

OH MY GOTH. I GOT MENTIONED. *Squee* Oh now I feel bad for not updating in like... forever...

babybatdanielle said...

Thank you for mentioning me Amy! I am honoured. :'-)
Danielle xo

Sal Kaye said...

Aw, thank you for mentioning me! :)


The Green Fairy said...

I too got a mention...

...Me Gusta

Belinda said...

aaaah nice! some new blogs to watch is always fun! thanks

LucretiaLevi said...

looks like I have to follow some more blogs... (and definitely I´ve got to work on my own)
Have a nice day everyone and thanks for all the wonderful blogs!

LucretiaLevi said...

looks like I have to follow some more blogs... (and definitely I´ve got to work on my own)
Have a nice day everyone and thanks for all the wonderful blogs!

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

I can't believe I got a mention! I am genuinely honoured, thank you Amy! x

linnea-maria said...

Thanks for this huge list! I will be home and sick tomorrow so I definitely have something to do then. :)

Louise said...

Ooh, a mention! **airpunch** XD

There's a lot here I haven't come across before. I'll have to have a read.

Nightwind said...

Wow! This is quite an impressive list of blogs. Quite a few of them are new to me. It will be fun checking them out.

akumaxkami said...

Yay, mine is on your list!

BallerinaDark said...

aw so sweet! :D I'm feel honored to be on your most loved blog list! ♥♥♥

thank you so much :)


Kaitlyn said...

Thank you so much for the mention! Now to check out the other blogs listed! :D

The Gothic Gentleman said...

Thank you kindly for the mention, I will endeavor to read as many of the journals you linked that are new to me as possible over the coming weeks.

I see we share some blogs already and this pleases me no end :)

Saphire Rainforest said...

yay! now I have new blogs to check out

Marilyn Jay Freak said...

Yay I was mentioned!! Thank you Amy!!!!!!

Ghoulina Bones said...

Yay I was mentioned!

Le Professeur Gothique said...

Aw, thank you sweetie for mentioning my blog. :D Hugs to you from NYC!!!

Nina @ Death Books and Tea said...

I got listed....Thank you so much! Now I've got so many blogs on my reader list I'll never get round to reading the posts on the day you were meant to... XD
Keep blogging everyone xxx

Ashlee said...

o.O You read almost as many blogs as me, possibly more. Good to know I'm no the only one with a problem :P

The word verification is "rices". I am now hungry, thank you Captcha.

VelvetBat said...

Awwww, thank you for including my blog in your list! :D

Hexotica said...

What a huge list!! It'll take hours to visit each one, but I'll do it; I am always on the hunt for awesome gothic/alternative bloggers out there!
I am pleased as punch my blog is on your top list! Thank-you; hope I can keep up the good work! ;)

katysioux said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog! I'll have to check out some of these, I am a goth blog-aholic.

vipin kumar said...

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Khar said...

Thank you for the honour =) that's quite an impressive list.

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Thank you so much for the link, I really appreciate it :) Also, what a great list, I have found so many more blogs to enjoy!!!! Great post.

Ophelia said...

Thanks for the love!

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