Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Outfit post and make-up experiment: white lipstick

Hey guys, I'm in a bit of a hurry tonight as I have dance class but I didn't want to neglect you utterly so I thought I'd spam you with my face a bit more. As you know I have been trying to experiment more with make-up, but usually in the morning before work it's easier to throw on one of a handful of very basic looks that are no-fuss and take five mins. But I am a fan of odd lipstick colours so yesterday I thought I'd experiment with a colour that has intrigued me for a while: white.

I was tempted to buy white lipstick after I saw a photo of Anne Sudworth (incidentally one of my FAVE artists) wearing white lipstick lined in black. I have tried this look and I can tell you that no, this look does NOT work for me. It makes me look like a porn star with a moustache (not even kidding).

However, I'm stubborn, so yesterday when I had a day off work I thought I'd try white lipstick again with my new hair and see what the effect was.


Overall I'm not convinced this works for me. Obviously I wear white foundation and white powder but it makes my skin look quite sallow, as you can see in the below pic. Perhaps this would suit someone with dark or olive skin better?
The lipstick I used was by Stargazer and I have to say it's a great product; it goes on really smooth and lasts for ages, unfortunately this doesn't look so hot after you've tucked into steak and cous cous because you're left with a grim-looking white smear around the edges of your lips that just doesn't go away. But for a night at the club (rather than dinner) it'd be fantastic and would probably look awesome under blacklight.

Jumper: Kookai via charity shop, £3.50
Necklace: Claire's, gift, about nine years ago
Belt: alt shop in Southampton, £25
Jeans: Primark, £10
Boots: Sella, some random shop in Paignton, £25 (bargain!)

Oh, and look what came in the post today!
My order from The Zombified - isn't it gorgeous?!


Sal Kaye said...

I absolutely love your new haircolor!

I tried white lipstick years ago. It doesn't work for me either - it makes teeth look yellow-ish. :(

Maeam said...

Hmm....I'm not sure. I don't think it looks all too bad. I agree with the club look, though.

VictorianAndroid said...

I've never been able to get my white lipstick to work for me either. I'm loving your hair though!! It's sweet!

Rora Monroe said...

Loving the new hair it looks amazing. As for the white lipstick I think it looks pretty good and the "porn star with a moustache" comment that just made my day.

LucretiaLevi said...

Hm, I´ve got to say I´m not a fan of white lipstick. Maybe you could try a vibrant purple or blue one?
Otherwise you look great (and you are so skinny, wow!)

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think you look pretty great with white lipstick--I don't think you look sallow at all ('sides, isn't that kind of the point of Gothy makeup? =P) I agree, it would look great under a black light and on someone with darker skin.

BellaDonna said...

I love both your hair color AND the way the white lipstick looks on you. I've been thinking a bit about trying white myself, thanks for the encouragement!

Admiral Barca said...

While I can imagine it working in a club context, as you say here, pale skin with white lipstick does add a certain sallowness to the skin, and if you try to correct it with darker foundation I fear the Goth Police would have to arrest you :P

Still loving on your haircolour - once mine recovers from falling out I WILL be trying to get that colour, dammit!

Traicetrak said...

As Sal Kaye said, true white makeup tends to make the teeth look yellow. That makes it a pretty daunting venture for me, but that said, I'm curious how the white lipstick would look with an electric blue liner feathered into it. To my mind it might look striking with your hair. =D

Madamoiselle Schakal said...

it is my first comment at your blog ever,COngratulatios,wish there was your blog when i was babybat but now i have a good inspiration,you!

About your lipstick issue.I would say it is good but something seems wrong. i mean you have so beautiful face construction and your hair rock,so the lipstick hides your lips.Maybe if you did something like darker lipstick to know sometihng like vampire-lips (red and goes black at the edges)
I just said my opinion as "artistic" creature. Si keep posting.i look forward to see your next post.
Congratulations Again :D

Minakitty (Mary) said...

I have to agree about the problem with white lipstick making teeth look yellow, from personal experience. I attempted it once in high school, when Revlon made it. It was also a crazy lipstick color phase for me, though the craziest that could be found at the time were white and bright orange.

I think it looks nice on you-just don't smile!

Toxic Tears said...

Probably one of the best outfits I've seen you in. Its the boots, I swear everything is instantly made ten times more awesome by platforms.

Jade Layton said...

i quite like the white lipstick on you, you've made me want to try it out for myself haha :)

V said...

Wow, I really love your new hair! I soooo wanna go purple!

Lolitadewdrop said...

Oh my word! I am in love with your outfit! It is so stunning.
P.S your porn star comment made me laugh. :D

Marasy said...

I love your hair color! I'm not allowed to have unnatural hair colors for work so I'm doing standard black for now. It makes me feel better that my boss liked it when I had purple streaks. She was forced to ask me to change it. :(

adler666official said...

love the colour!!! Ur so pretty <3

Amaranth Darkwraith said...

Au contraire, I think white lipstick quite becomes your "sallowness". But I have to agree with Minakitty - don't smile!
The "pornstar with a moustache" thing made me and my boyfriend laugh for about an hour, no joke. My boyfriend officially loves your blog because of this post (I loved it before this post:P). :)

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