Sunday, 18 December 2011

Advice for an ethergoth at work

I think that one of my new year's resolutions is going to be to deal with reader requests in a far more prompt manner, since I have a backlog of twenty-six to get on with and haven't checked my email in a week... please pardon my laxness.

Anyway, to get me off to a good start, my very oldest reader request (sorry) is from Alesha, who asks, "I am completely stuck with how I can dress better with being ethergoth. It is so confusing! I don't want to be Goth to a certain degree because I don't wear the black make-up (mostly grey though) and I want something that can be slightly more respectable for work. ANY help about dressing ethergoth (without being TOO dressy) for casual, I would be grateful."

Firstly, for those readers who need a recap on the fashion style ethergoth, clicky here. Ethergoth, or to give it its full and proper title ethereal Goth, is an elegant, romantic and occasionally minimalistic subset of Goth fashion, but it is also one that is not often documented in detail so there is very little advice available currently for the budding ethergoth.

I'd like to advise Alesha that black make-up is not in any way a requirement of being a Goth; in fact I would go so far as to say that the elegance and timelessness of a soft smoky grey is perfect for the serenity that ethergoth is often designed to embody.

Source: Gothic Fashion
When one thinks of a Goth in a work environment, the fashion associated with the term corporate Goth usually consists of pinstriped suits and ties with skulls on, but particularly for women the ethergoth substyle is more than appropriate for the workplace, particularly in the office. An outfit as simple as a black gypsy skirt, black shoes or boots, a grey or lilac waterfall cardigan and a black blouse with just a hint of lace could be easily accessorised with silvertone jewellery and either a simple updo, braid or loose wavy hair.

The staples for an ethergoth-styled, but casual, work wardrobe could include the following:
  • several black skirts from knee-length to floor length, preferably loose and flowing rather than pencil-skirt styles. Details like lace trim or subtle embroidery would suit.
  • black tights - plain, or with patterns such as lace (again). Patterns more subtle than the typical candy stripes or fishnet are a gentler nod to a Gothy nature in keeping with the ethergoth aesthetic.
  • blouses and shirts in a range of colours and styles. Black is the most obvious, but white, off-white, cream, most pastel colours (particularly lilac and light blue), grey, light brown and lavender will also work. The range of colours that will work with an ethereal look are useful to the working Goth because they may help nervy coworkers feel more at ease.
  • cardigans in loose-fitting styles; again black is a staple colour but there are others that will work, such as grey. Fabrics could range from knit to crushed velvet.
  • if you're not the cardigan-wearing type, a brocade or velvet blazer would work.
  • silvertone jewellery; simple chains or Gothier ankh, coffin or bat pendants (for example) will contrast with black and pastel clothing. Stones like amethyst, rose quartz and jade also have delicate, ethereal colouring that will complement this style.
  • lightweight scarves in white, black and grey would be a way to add more layers to your look without being overpoweringly spooky.
  • for footwear, a pair of plain black boots are readily available; if you're really daring, switch to sandals in the summer (a general rule for sandal-wearing Goths is that the more buckles and straps they have, the bigger a nod to one's preferred dark aesthetic).
  • for gentlemen, as above but discard 'skirts' and 'cardigans'; gentlemen and trouser-wearing ladies are likely to find that plain black trousers work best, although fabrics such as velvet or even silk would add a dash of Gothic romance.


Steff Metal said...

Sound advice, Amy! I particularly love Sophisticate Noir for her take on goth workplace fashion - sexy, stylish and deliciously dark.

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