Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmassy charm for fashionable Goths

I had an anonymous reader request wondering what the well-dressed Goth might attire themselves in for the season of mince pies, goodwill and all things jolly. I have to point out that I spent last Christmas Eve at work; where my red velvet top, long black scarf and knee-high boots were oh-so-charmingly accessorised with an elf hat. Complete with huge pointy elf ears. So I am not necessarily the most sartorially-elegant Gothling during this season, but I'll do my best...

So yes, as if the above didn't give it away, Goth fashion can and often does reflect a Christmassy spirit. Goths, by and large, have a great sense of fun, and at this time of year many of us don themed outfits or accessories, even if that simply means topping one's usual black attire with a matching black 'Bah, Humbug' Santa hat from Poundland.

Some go a step further. You've already seen LeahMouse's fabulously-dyed Christmas hair; akumaxkami at Spooky University has also taken this step with two-tone red and green hair (whether or not this is a salute to the season is unspecified, but it IS awesome).

In between black Santa hats and dying one's hair Christmas colours (I'd love to see white hair with 'frosty' blue tips, just sayin'...), there's a whole wealth of Christmas-friendly Gothy ideas that will see you through until New Year's. Here are a few, very basic, ideas:
  • Switch your black-and-white striped socks, tights or stockings for red and white or red and green.
  • Grab some glitter hairspray from Claire's and get sparkling. (You could complete the Gothic-Christmas-tree-fairy effect with snowflake earrings and an all-white outfit.)
  • You know those cheesy Christmas earrings? Oh, you know there's nothing cuter than little silver bells in your ears and tinsel in your hair with a black lacy dress.
  • Guys, you're not escaping so easily. Online, you can find white faux fur boot toppers to dress up your Doc Martens or New Rocks (also oh-so-cute on Demonias for the girls too).
  • Green corset. Red skirt. Nuff said?
  • Pop some lights in your hair for those Christmas parties (also reusable for clubwear throughout the year). These would look great with falls or natural hair for the girls, and I can see them looking awesome on guys with dreads.
  • Re-use those green and red clip-in hair extensions you bought at Halloween - but this time, wear them together!
  • Antlers were a big accessory at some of the major festivals this year. And apart from festival-going faerie Goths, what has antlers? Yup, reindeer. Very Xmassy, well done.
These guys have definitely got the Goth Xmas look right!


Toxic Tears said...

Haha I still don't know what I'll be wearing on christmas day, I get money through just before christmas so I may pop into poundworld and grab some things.:P

Just finished posting a massive "Metal Christmas" playlist myself.

Anonymous said...

love that you have accepting my suggestion :) its a nice inspiration, i will buy those lovely toppers and look for some antlers <33

Smashed Doll said...

Another suggestion is go all Dickensian. I go carol singing every year and I plan next year (I didn't get to this year) to try and dress as if I'm a Dickens character which will be easy as we will Filthy Victorians.

linnea-maria said...

The hairligt is awesome, something for a newyears party perhaps? I will propably wear something black as usual. :)

† Lamentful Miss † said...

good post as always ^^

I am tired of the prejudice, people saying it's "evil" and "devilish", since I started to wear dark/alternative outifts, and other things, so you know, if I don't comment here more, you know what's happened. Your blog is amazing and I found so many good things and help here, but I'm sorry, I'll probably leave.

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions for goths who celebrate holidays other than Christmas?

ultimategothguide said...

Depends which holidays you were referring to. There are rather a lot ;-)

akumaxkami said...

Lovely post.

My current hair colors are, in fact, holiday related. ^_^

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