Wednesday, 21 December 2011

December blog round-up

Hello everyone, today's post is once again about promoting the great stuff that everyone else has been doing and saying lately - I hope you all enjoy. ^^

Ashbury Heights
The Halloween Ladybug sums up what a lot of us think and feel in this post about whether or not it's necessary to be 100% Goth all the time: "Goth is an important part of me but it isn’t what defines me – I know for some people this won’t be the case, but the way I see it Goth is about being comfortable with who you are and what you like, about being unique so why restrict yourself to fit somebody else’s views?"

Darling Violetta's blog is beyond amazing and an absolute must-read; I really enjoyed her post about the fact (yes, I said *fact*) that sometimes, and for some people, Goth really is, well, a phase. "There's a lot of factors that go into someone leaving their gothy world behind. Who are we to question or look down on them for it?"

We're all still talking about hipster Goth, whether we love it or hate it - here's Ghoulina Bones's take at The Life and Times of Bohemian Blitzkrieg. "Like you did back in high school when you were pretentious in your knee high buckle boots and Sisters of Mercy CD's, looking with contempt at all the mallgoths and pseudo-metal heads with their koRn t shirts, blue jeans, and swirly make up. The same people who were convinced you guys were "lyke the same person!", because they obviously look just like you in your expensive petticoats and DIY fishnet shirts."

Juliet's Lace also has a good two cents to add on hipster Goth ("it's not worth shitting bats over").

Oh, and Graveyard Picnic's Saskia interviewed Voltaire. o.O


Darling Violetta said...

Thank you very much for mention me! I'm quite honored. I love your blog. Please keep up the good work. ^_^

Julietslace said...

Thanks for including me! LOL I love the quote you used to sum up my post. Now to read new material *rubs hands gleefully*

Ghoulina Bones said...

thank you!

Hexotica said...

Ooh, I am loving Bohemian Blitzkrieg. That's a good article.

Mal. said...

The Bohemian Blitzkrieg article is interesting. mostly because when I was in my teens in the 90's I was a cross between grunge, metal and punk goth. In my City in the Southwest you had Hot Topic(which is rubbish now)or the smoke shops which catered to the Rasta and metal guys. (Now there are a few goth shops but they are mostly punk and fetish.) Now that I'm in my thirties I find my self finding things that are kinda goth and working it in for my piece of mind.(everyone hates shopping with me because it take 2 hrs to find a shirt i like at the mall) Aside from the wearing leggings for pants thing. I kind of have gone more towards a that look. Well except for when I cosplay once or twice a year. I think I will stop blabbering now, but thank you for the article.

CatacombKitten said...

Aww, thank you for mentioning me!

Hellcat said...

I must admit that at times i myself have a slight fear of being lumped in with "them" as I go for a minimalist look half the time since I live in a somewhat small town.

TheHalloweenLadybug said...

Thank you for mentioning me!! :D

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