Thursday, 8 December 2011

Gentlemen's Hour: curly hair

It's question time! Kristoff asked, "What can I do with extremely kinky-curly-frizle hair? The humidty where I live doesn't help. -_- I would REALLY like something other than this '70s 'fro I got going on. I have thought about dreading it, but I can't due to my family, becuase I'm sixteen. Help?"

Other than the fact that GOTH FRO is damned awesome, if you really can't stand the curls you could always pop into a salon and ask about chemical relaxants, depending on your hair type (which straighten hair by 'relaxing' the natural curl). You can also find home straightening kits in your local drugstore (usually, and somewhat bizarrely, on the same shelf as the perming kits) but I'm not sure what sort of result you would get from these and it may be better to speak with a professional hairdresser first.

However, I would have thought that curly hair would possibly backcomb better if you were interested in a really old-school, Robert Smith-esque style?

Along the same lines perhaps crimping your hair rather than using straighteners could create an interesting look? What about dyes - a shock of short-cropped white or scarlet hair could be really striking.

My eyesight isn't quite good enough to tell if this is curly or crimped... either way it's awesome for girls OR guys.
Model: Viruella
Source: Deathwaves
Victorian and Neo-Victorian guys often cultivate long, sleek curls which look ever so dashing pulled back into a neat tail (ruffled shirts and long, romantic curls... yum), but if your curls tend to grow outwards rather than downwards that probably won't work for you.

I did see a guy a few weeks ago who had very curly hair - he'd had it cut quite short and shaved the sides so he had a curly mohawk going on which looked absolutely brilliant. Depending on what your family is happy for you to do there is always the option of having it very close-cropped and getting a pattern or design shaved into it (although be warned: pentagrams might freak out the neighbours). Very short hair is flattering on most men and would certainly sort out the 'fro. (You could always shave the lot off, if you wanted to!)

Until you can move out, when, presumably, you could get dreads, is having your hair braided an option for you? It would stop the 70s 'fro effect and keep your curls under control a little. You could also use many of the same accessories that are supplied for dreads such as these and these (which I do think look awesome with lots of Goth styles, very tribal-urban, if that even makes sense). Personally I would love to see beaded braids with a top hat...

Lastly, I would advise that you talk to your family about possibly getting dreads; find out why they wouldn't want you to do so and explain to them why you're not happy with your hair as it is. They may not agree and you still may have to wait until you are older but at least then they will be aware of your point of view and there is the chance that you could compromise.


MissGracie said...

I like boys with curly hair ^_^ He should find a way to rock it.

Anonymous said...

Usually when you grow curly hair out the extra weight causes it to smooth out a bit. At shoulder length my hair makes me look like I belong in an 80's glam rock band, but at waist length it's all nice, loose and wavy. Then again, long hair can be annoying to maintain and isn't for everyone I guess.

Be careful with chemical relaxers. My friend, who has natural very tight corkscrew curls, had a chemical straightening treatment and all was fine for a month or two until her hair started growing, leaving her with ultra-curly roots and the rest of her hair near enough straight. It looked quite odd to say the least.

Il Ruinante Sir Isaak said...

Ahh, I love the deep thick curls in a tail, especially with a big ribbon. [As an Aristocrat, that paired with neck frills and sleeve ruffles with sleek blouses are just my thing, so I can relate to the delicious eye-candy.]

I have naturally curly hair though, so it's cool to consider side things when you've got no straightening going on for a while. Gotta try a good dye job at some point.

The HouseCat said...

I'm linking this to my other half. My other half doesn't have tight, frizzy curls, but he does grumble about what to do with his curly hair now he's not allowed to grow it long. (I miss the long curly hair and frilly shirts. He made a good imitation of Lestat as from Queen of the Damned. :D)

LovleAnjel said...

Curly hair can frizz due to regular cleaning, which removes the layer of oil that helps keep some of the frizz under control. Many curly girls only shampoo & condition once a week, and some skip shampoo and use conditioner as a cleanser once or twice a week.

I switched to a minimal cleaning routine several years ago and it did help quite a bit (I have to shampoo & condition twice a week because I have an oily scalp).

Also, Frizz-Ease by Jon Frieda is also supposed to work miracles on frizzy curls. I don't know how available it is outside the states.

Toxic Tears said...

If permanent dreads aren't an option, braiding in synthetic dreads might be

Anonymous said...

Hun I am going to let you know now I am a girl with super-curls too. Usually my hair would look like a trapezoid when I wore it down, also my hair was really frizzy and unmanageable... I spent hours just combing it back into a bun. So I went to a hair stylist (Do NOT relax your own hair unless you honestly know how! Go to a professional that HAS [successfully] worked with that type of hair ). The hair stylist, put relaxer in my hair and then after an hour she rinsed it out, so I still had my curls, but they were loose instead of little spirals. Then she layered my hair, so it fell nice on my collarbones instead of enveloping my entire shoulders.

Also, dreadlocks are probably the hardest hair do to keep up. Seriously it looks cool, and if you are good with maitenance and have time. Do it. However, if you don't keep up with it some serious crap can happen. Look it up okay?

Hopefully this helped.

Anonymous said...

Yay finally something about kinky-curly hair! ^_^

Abigail said...

Awesome hair colour and styling!!! :)

Darling Violetta said...

I had my hair just like that girl in the picture above! As a black girl without chemically enhanced hair I had the same problem as the person who wrote to you. I could never tease it or other popular hair styles within the goth scene. I was determined made it work! And, that I did. :)

Now I have dreadlocks though and I love it. :)

Ariel X said...

My suggestion is DON'T relax your hair. You will have to relax it every month and your hair will probably break off.

Instead research the Curly Girl method. Realize your hair is not straight and don't treat it like straight hair. Your hair will thank you for it.

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