Thursday, 29 December 2011

Goth parties for young'uns

So, it's party time, and you're looking for something suitably spooky and fun that won't shock your grandparents and non-goth friends (too much). Unfortunately, while the seance in the graveyard at midnight may be out of the question, here are a few suggestions for Gothic and Goth-themed parties for every season (and budget).

1) Goth Fancy Dress
This one's simple - just get your friends and relatives to dress as Goths. If they're non-alternatives, this can be hilarious - imagine your grandma in fishnets and chains! What you want to do then is up to you - you can go out somewhere (imagine - a horde of Goths invading the ice rink or cinema) or stay in and have an old-fashioned food-and-random-games party. Either way, you'll be doing it in style...

2) Movie night
If you're on a low budget, just grab a stack of your fave gothy-type movies - Interview With The Vampire, Dracula, The Craft, etc - and your spookiest mates, and have your own home cinema night. Complete with popcorn, of course!

3) Danse Macabre
If you have a large group of Goth friends, you may discover that any Danse Macabre or masquerade-themed events will often go down a treat. When you're too young to go out to Goth clubs, throwing a more lavish event gives everyone the perfect excuse to pull out their fanciest finery from the back of the wardrobe. Do up the lounge with those old Halloween decs, and don't be stingy with the fake spiderwebs. Add a great soundtrack and an area for photography (everyone likes to be snapped in their nicest outfit).

4) Mad Tea Party
Think Emilie Autumn! Get frilled up in your best bloomers for high tea with your most charming aquaintances. The madder, the better - that goes for both food and decoration. If you can get your hands on the November/December/January 2007/2008 issue of Orkus English magazine containing tea party recipies by the First Lady of Violindustrial herself, so much the better. If not, search online for easy-to-prepare party foods, or have fun wandering through the archives of 365 Days of Halloween to add some spookiness to your finger foods.

Here, have a Dave Vanian.
Source: Deathwaves
General Tips (To Make Sure Your Party Goes With A W00t!):

1) Create an atmosphere - go wild with deco.This is one of the best bits of preparing for any party. Grab as much stuff to decorate with as you can - try websites and shops that stock Halloween decorations for a truly ooky-spooky setting. I reccommend that you go as crazy as possible - but it's probably best to keep the smoke machine out of the dining room. >.<

2) Soundtrack. Make sure it's GREAT. If you don't want to be constantly changing CDs, then grab some speakers for your MP3 and load up your fave playlist.

3) Games! (Depending on your party theme, of course.) Personally I recommend Charades. Or, if you're partying with a pretty hardcore Goth group, why not make your own Goth Charades - make cards with Goth-related bands, people, song titles etc. - e.g. 'Temple Of Love', 'Budgie', 'The Batcave', 'Release the Bats', - and use those! But, be reasonable - nobody is going to be able to act out 'Wumpscut'... - and Truth or Dare.


Lolitadewdrop said...

These are some really cool and clever ideas.

babybatdanielle said...

Great advice! I'll have to keep it in mind..... :-)

InfiltratorN7 said...

When you said go wild with deco I thought you meant art deco at first! That would be awesome if you could. I love art deco. But anyway, have you seen the Halloween tinsel they've been selling in supermarkets? I wish I'd stocked up on some. It was black with bats.

I really don't care for truth or dare but consequences and balderdash are always fun games to play at parties. I also like trying to make up my own games. ^_^

InfiltratorN7 said...

That 265 Days of Halloween site is awesome. I've seen it before (might've been linked on Gothic Charm School) but forgot all about it. Thanks for the reminder.

LovleAnjel said...

Oriental Trading Company sells Halloween decor all year round (mostly cheesy, but still fun).

Themed potlucks are fun - I've had them around different holidays (solstices, valentines, ect). Or have everybody bring a dish that starts with a specific letter - a few years ago I hosted a "things that begin with S" party. It was hilarious what people thought up to share.

InfiltratorN7 said...

Just remembered - when my sister was back in high school her and her friends had a Tim Burton themed party. where you had to dress up as a Tim Burton character (this was pre-Alice in Wonderland so no Mad Hatters!). Sounds like a fun idea. ^_^

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