Sunday, 4 December 2011

Goth things I'm just not into... (jumping on KatySioux's bandwagon)

This is not what I intended to post today, but the gorgeous KatySioux over at Dreams of Black Lace posted a list of stereotypically Goth things that she's just not into and I thought this was a great idea. Please budge over and make some room for me on your bandwagon, thanks. ^^

As Katy said, this is all personal opinion, so please don't take this as 'OMG these things are BAD' or 'OMG if you like these things you are NOT GOTH' - we all have aspects of the scene we're not keen on and I don't think there's any harm in that. No offense is intended in any way. :-)

Diva Destruction
1) Gore
Gore photoshoots can look fantastic, and sure, I'd love to go on a zombie walk, but I tend to find anything with excessive blood and guts, particularly movies, more disturbing than entertaining. What can I say, I have a weak stomach. My tastes run more towards creepy, cute and whimsical than dark, bloody and scary - I guess everyone's different. I have no problem with a bit of artistic blood splatter (fake, FYI, concerned parents) but for me there is definitely such a thing as too much.

2) Smoking/drugs
As previously discussed there is a big stereotype around Goths and drugs, particularly speed, and yes, in some cases this is probably true. Although I have to say I don't see it a great deal these days; the majority of Goths I speak to on this subject either did drugs wayyy back in the late 80s/early 90s and have long since quit, or have never had much of a particular interest. Either way, drug-taking is a personal choice, and as I tend to keep saying NOT a prerequisite or in any way a part of Goth culture - it's just something that some Goths do. Anyway, I don't care how many of the cool kids had a good time on speed or acid in the early days of the scene, it's not for me.

Ditto smoking; there are plenty of Goth smokers and again a big stereotype about this - particularly clove cigarettes, usually the Goth smoke of choice (they're black) - but it's not something I choose to do. I have tried it, and whilst I actually don't mind the taste or smell (possibly I'm weird) it's expensive and I don't want yellow teeth when I'm older.

3) Yarn falls
I'm with KatySioux on this one; I love dread falls, tube falls, foam falls, synthetic hair falls... but yarn falls? I've just never seen a pair that didn't look a bit - or a lot - tacky. If I wanted to tie some wool to my head I would go to Double Discount and buy some, not pay £££ on Etsy. But maybe I am just looking at the wrong shops.

4) Sunglasses indoors
I'm sure there are some people who can do this and look cool, but for the most part it tends to make you look extraordinarily pretentious. Anyway, I could never do this without walking into things, especially on club nights. Sunglasses and a smoke machine? Are you people insane?

5) 'Extreme' body mods
Silicone horns, tongue splitting, permanent fangs and even the relatively common styles like gauges look awesome on other people, but again it's not something I personally would choose. I find them fascinating on others though.


Maggie said...

I'm with you on the extreme body modifications - true, they can look good on some people, but in most cases they just freak me out. I'm also not a big fan of horrors - be it films or books - with monsters in them. I prefer more psychological ones, where a human being is displaying a whole lot of inhuman cruelty and viciousness.

linnea-maria said...

I agree with you on most of the points. But I have wool dreads. I've made them myself and I braid them in my own hair when I feel for it, but never sleep in them. They fool most people (but not goths). I can go for a "cosy" horror movie like Sleepy Hollow but not Resident evil kind of movies.

Smashed Doll said...

I agree with you on all the points especailly gore. The only film I made it threw with a hell of a lot og gore was sweeny todd, which was only cause im a veggie, I really liked the music, and because I kept telling myself it looks really fake. I don't mind the glasses thing to much though that at least where I live is seen as more of hipster thing. One my country's biggest singers (he isn't goth mind you) I don't think anyone knows except his family know what eye colour he has. He wear glasses ALL the time even in the cinema. Its a little crazy.

Orillia & Pandora said...

I'm not a fan of gore either, it's just a little too much for me. As for the body mods I agree, they look great on others, but I'm not sure I could ever do that.. Also I was just wondering, what are silicone horns? I've never heard of them before! 8l

Sabarae said...

Also not a gore fan. I prefer suspense and ghost stories with a hidden terror. But then, most recent 'horror' movies are filled with such horrible characters and f-bombs that I just don't care if they get killed off (and most of the time hope it happens quickly so the movie can end). Extreme body mods I'll leave to other people. I don't really feel one way or the other about them, I just know that I want done and that's really all I care about. Also not a fan of smoking or drug use. I can't find a good reason to start and it all around seems like a huge waist of time, money, and self-control.

On an unrelated note, I was wondering if you could make a post on online forums and the like for darklings to interact on. Suggested sites, perhaps? I feel too shy (being still a newbie to the scene) to get together face to face with the local folks, but I'd still like to talk to people.

theEmocarebear said...

Goth-wise, I'm just not into scary things; be it gorey movies, zombie things, or anything that no longer has a pulse.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely with you on the gore. I don't have a weak stomach, I just think that it usually looks really tacky when it's done in photoshoots and music videos. Not a great fan of excessive gore in movies either, I prefer the tense psychological stuff.

I've seen yarn falls done really well, unfortunately these seem to be vastly outnumbered by ill-matching ones made out of cheap material. I'm biased though because I used to wear a pair of pink and black roving falls that were rather cute, and my friend owns some really pretty roving falls in varying shades of purple.
The falls that bother me though are the ones that are made out of a heap of different materials (e.g. roving mixed with synth dreads mixed with bits of fabric). I think that the only ever look good when they're kept to just one material.

Minakitty (Mary) said...

I was once told that I couldn't be a REAL GOTH because I don't smoke or drink coffee. This was actually before the South Park goths made their first appearance, spouting the same wisdom. I was also told the same because I have only ear piercings, and just the lobes at that. Body mods are for people with some sort of threshold for pain. That is not me! :)

Anonymous said...

For the most part, gore doesn't bother me, but even I draw a line somewhere. Some movies are just a little TOO graphic. I do wear sunglasses indoors sometimes, but not if it's dim. And I really love permanent fangs! Totally cute, but my family would flip out. They draw a line somewhere too. ;)

Jessie Aaker said...

I intensely dislike hair falls. No matter what they are made of. They looks tacky to me. :(

And I'm with you on the smoking and drugs. Not cool.

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I enjoyed this post, I agreee with you in that I am definitely not into drugs or gore or yarn falls (which I used to wear before starting with dreads, they were my "training" falls, lol!) Some "goth" things I'm just not into: anything lolita, Emilie Autum, "ethereal" or "ambient" music, and all of the pictures that people take of themselves in cemetaries. To each their own.

InfiltratorN7 said...

Smoking, drugs and alcohol - they just don't do it for me. I'm much happier drinking tea and coffee. ^_^

I'm not into the S&M fetish stuff. I used to get a lot of offensive and vulgar comments from co-workers asking me if I'm into kinky stuff, bondage, etc. There was this assumption that if you're goth you must be into the fetish stuff. I've nothing against it, to each their own. I just hate the stereotype and this assumption that goth girls are easy and like handcuffing men and whipping them and stuff.

I don't go for body mods either, though I think they look cool on some people. I have plenty of friends as well as my sister who have tattoos and piercings. Again, people should do what makes them happy (providing they're not harming anyone else in the process).

Gore has never bothered me. I've always been a fan of horror films but I've been bored lately with most western horror films. I can't stand films like Hostage and Saw. They're gratutious for the sake of it. To me they're not proper horror. At the moment I'm most happiest with horror coming out of South East Asian countries such as South Korea and Guillermo Del Toro's films.

Burlesque/cabaret goth - just not fussed about it. Of all the fashion styles from that era, the burlesque look isn't the one that interests me. It's not a bad style but I guess I've just got bored of seeing it everywhere. But again to each their own. I know some people are really into the burlesque thing and enjoy doing the performances etc so if that's what makes them happy then cool.

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