Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Goth travel: Paris, France

For the sophisticated Goth, Paris is probably already on their bucket list of places to visit. But if you're more into morbid delights and tragic romance than sightseeing and fancy bread, you'll still find some intriguingly creepy delights on the streets of arguably one of the world's most chic cities.

Paris boasts 'everything from 12th century architecture to the tombs of the rich and famous to possibly the creepiest, most orderly ossuary on the planet', at least so sayeth Denise Dumars (website here) in her article Paris Gothique.

Paris is home to Cimitiere du Pere Lachaise, one of the world's most famous cemeteries. It's the final resting place of such luminaries as Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison (although there is much talk of transferring him), Spiritualist Allan Kardec, the writer Colette (whose husband locked her in her room to force her to write, then often rewrote and published her stories under his own name), and the perfect example of tragic Gothic romance, Abelard and Heloise, a philosopher and a well-educated, beautiful woman whose love was ended by a terrible - and brutal - act of vengeance from Heloise's uncle. Cimitiere du Pere Lachaise is also well-known for its enormous collection of Gothic-style tombs, crypts, mausoleums and graves.

Of course, for the devoted cemetery tourist, Paris is home to many other cemeteries of note, such as the Montmartre Cemetery and the Montparnasse Cemetery. Paris is also known for being a city of art and culture, which means no shortage of museums and galleries as a way of whiling away your time.

And do I even need to mention the Notre Dame, possibly the most well-known example of Gothic architecture in Europe and especially infamous for another tragic tale - that of Quasimodo, of course.

Notre Dame from the Seine
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Denise Dumars adds, 'Finally, if you need a black ruffled shirt or some silver finger armor, head over to Dam Dom on the Rue de la Huchette to complete your Gothic look,' so you won't even go short on shopping.


Gwen said...

There are various alternative clothing/ goth shops in Paris. ^^
Tough I have to warn they are damn expensive...
But even if you are only a windowshopper those shops are worth a visit! :) I can't compare with Camden, but they are stuffed with clothing to the ceiling! :D

Amanda J said...

I'm determined to revisit Paris one day, I went back in my college days and we spent less than FIVE minutes in Notre Dame Cathedral which I found utterly unforgivable as even back then I could have easily lost myself in there for hours.

First time poster here, so I have to say I love your website, I must have spent hours here reading your blogs! To someone who's pretty much just starting out (at 32 yrs of age, I might add) it's a fantastic resource!

Loreia Lunatic said...

I've been to Paris a few years ago and it was really nice. As it was a school trip, I didn't make it to any of the cemeteries. However, I like Rome a lot better with all those ancient buildings and shopping is a lot cheaper. ;-)

Miss Eva Morgan Reeve said...

Isn't the Catacombs of Paris the ultimate Goth place to go? I loved it there, very spooky.

Denise Dumars said...

Give a link to the original article, please, as well as my website! Thanks for keepin' it Goth,
Denise Dumars

ultimategothguide said...

I have linked to the article. Will be happy to link to website also. :-)

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