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Goths of colour

Goths of colour speak for themselves... comments taken from YouTube mostly, and Goth-related forums all around the web.

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Source: YouTube
"I don't think that having that "dead pallor" look is a neccessity among being Goth. That's the beauty of being an ethnic Goth. Most are proud of their ethnicity/race, and though I've seen few, there are some very lovely black Goths who don't use any make-up to change the appearance of their skin tone. I'm a light-skinned black, but I still wouldn't use any foundation to make myself look paler. I like my skin tone the way it is."

"If you're from a minority group, and you're a Goth, you can do so many things. You can uphold your commitment to both groups all in one. You can turn your ethnicity's traditional dress into your regular Goth outfit or if you're into music, add both gothic and traditional influences."

"I am a black Goth natural hair girl. I like to change up my style, to go out of the box with clothes and makeup."

"This hits upon something about the Gothic subculture I've always taken some pride in: the level of acceptance Goths exhibit. To my knowledge, I am one of the very, very few African American Goths in Minnesota. Doing anything within the scene here has always involved being the only minority in sight. To date, I have yet to experience any issues as a result. This is not simply my own observation, something specific to my geographical location. I have heard from African American, Hispanic, Asian, and other minority Goths from around the US, Canada, and the UK. Contrary to popular myth, Goths tend to look beyond the superficial more often than not."

"I still get people coming up to me trying to "figure me out." In all reality what is there to figure out? I am an African American, I wear a lot of black and I just happen to like AngelSpit and The Cure over Lil Wayne and 50 cent. What more is there to grasp?"

"I am a mixed race Goth girl living in the UK. I have friends in the Goth community and it is good to know there are open minded people out there." "Being an ethnic Goth can be rough sometimes. It's like you gotta prove your "gothness" to both non-goths and other Goths. Goth in general is mainly seen as being a "white" culture so if you're a minority who lives the lifestyle, be prepared to get some backlash from closed minded people who think you have to "act" a certain way because of your race and/or those in your respective community for "rejecting your culture". Just don't let it get to you too much. Despite everything I've just said, it's not quite as bad as it used to be. Ethnic Goths are becoming more common especially in some areas and there are a few communities specifically for us found on the web now. The most well known I can think of is"

"I remember when I went to my first Goth night in Louisville, Kentucky I was really suprised by the huge number of African American Goths. They appear to be completely accepted by the Goth community here." "EVERYONE CAN'T BE THE SAME IN ETHNIC ORIGINS. People should know that the Goth subculture spreads throughout the entire world (which we should all be aware of) and can be adapted into any person's life no matter what race they are. What matters is that everyone is unique in their own way."

"I live in a predominately black neighborhood, and I'm pretty much the only noticable Goth around here (but I don't go out much, so I'm probably missing a lot). Sure, there probably are more, but we're pretty much an endangered species (among other types of people on the black community). I only know one other person who is close to "Goth"."

"It's really not that big a deal to see Goths of color in the United States depending where you go though. I mean most people think Goth is synonymous with Caucasian but these days a lot of Goths of color are coming out of the woodwork."

"1) I'm not 'acting white' (as far as I'm concerned, I just act like a human), and 2) a subculture is made up of people from several ethnic cultures who have all banded together because of their basic distaste for mainstream society. In this case, I don't like urban fashion, mainstream stuff, etc. I'm just a light skinned black girl who practices vegetarianism, dresses in black, listens to non-mainstream/underground music, and who all in all shares none of the interests of her other peers, whether they are black or white or whatever. And if you can't take the fact that a light skinned black girl happens to be a Goth, then you're just going to have to cry yourself to sleep or give a "what have our youth come to?" speech in your anxiety, cuz I ain't changing anytime soon."

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Tante Fledermaus said...

So. Many. Pretty. People.

Caroline Carnivorous said...

I'm asian! And half norwegian. So in the winter I'm super pale, but in the summer I'm really tan - And I don't see is as something that ''cramps my style'' or whatever. I'm me, and I'm proud of it!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

OH MY! I never realized that this was such an issue until I had seen posts about it on your blog. In the different places where I've lived and participated in the goth scenes, this was NEVER an issue AT ALL. I am sorry to hear that it is in some places.

Addie Firebird said...

This topic is so crazy because most of you are not old enough to remember the ORIGINAL Goth movement. I am an Elder Goth. There were people of ALL RACES that started this. stop!

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