Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A merry Creepmas to all...

When I have to wear fingerless gloves whilst typing, I know that winter must be starting to set in, which means it's time for we bloggers to try and work out how on earth to pull a winter/Christmas-themed post out of the bag AND keep it different from everyone else's so that we don't tread on each other's toes too much. >.<

Obviously, there's only so much that can be said about the basics of winter dress; I'll try not to repeat myself every year but I will run down a few tips and tricks for the newbies.

  • Layers are key! Winter is one of the best seasons for Gothy dress as it's really the only season in many countries where you can pile on those sumptuous heavy fabrics like velvet and brocade. But if your budget doesn't yet stretch to velvet coats and dresses, you can still stay warm AND stylish by layering up. (I did get a request, by the way, for a post entirely on layering, which I will get around to in the coming week.)  Leggings and tights under long skirts add extra warmth, and don't be afraid of thermal vests, for goodness' sake. You can get nice black thermal undies with lace details if you're fussy like me.
  • I will admit that clubwear can be a problem for me at this time of year; as recently mentioned I have to travel to get to events and such, and whilst I'm not one of the very daring ladies who sashay about with VERY little on, I'm not afraid of showing some skin. All I can advise on this is to think very hard about what you are going to wear in relation to how much time you are going to have to spend in the cold. Your best option may be to bring your biggest fluffiest warmest jacket and check it into the cloakroom (or if there isn't a cloakroom, you and your friends can perhaps take it in turns to guard the coat pile whilst the others dance).
  • Don't be too concerned if it takes some time to adjust. I know that winter happens every year, but I still end up being shocked by the bitter cold and wrapping myself up in several layers of cardigans and hoodies for a couple of weeks (with nothing more stylish or glamorous than jeans and a T-shirt underneath). This is my transition period, before I realise that there are more sensible and aesthetically pleasing ways to keep warm.
  • This is a good time to go shopping, especially for those looking to build up their spooky wardrobe! Christmas party wear is definitely your friend - suddenly the shops are full of lacy things, velvet things, and nine hundred and one variations on the little black dress. Boots galore, and patterned tights!
  • I mentioned in last year's advisory winter post that a make-up base is a good option at this time of year to stop your make-up running and recommended a product by G.O.S.H. that has since been discontinued. I'm currently using a base by Bloom Minerals which doesn't hold my eyeshadow in place for quite as long but is still the best substitute I've found.
  • Take fabric into consideration when venturing outdoors. Jillian Venters has ventured the theory that anyone who allows a silk velvet garment to become water-spotted should never be allowed to own anything of the same fabric ever again. Most poly-blend velvets are water-safe and a much better option for wearing in wintry weather.
  • This year I've taken a tip from my grandma and am keeping an umbrella in every handbag, because I'm sick of being caught out in squalls and showers. Goth-friendly umbrellas are far easier to find than they were when I first shuffled into the subculture; try Claire's or Peacocks. Gentlemen may prefer plain black or stripes to my favourite black and pink frilly confections.
  • In last year's post I pointed out that black-clad people would do well to carry a torch when wandering the streets after dark. This advice comes perhaps a little late, but I noticed that this Halloween, the shops were full of torches for trick-or-treaters, shaped like grotesques or bats, or patterned with all sorts of spooky designs (of COURSE I have a bat torch ^^). You may not be able to get your hands on one now unless you have a younger sibling whose trick-or-treating bits and bobs have been stowed away for next October.
Source: Goths Where They Don't Belong
Model: Disharmony Ugliness
Other bloggers also have some fantastic advice this year. Here's a mini blog round-up of Gothy winter posts I've enjoyed thus far:
  1. Under the Glass Umbrella made me covet some really cute coats with Winter Lolita.
  2. Gothic Divine Magazine has your handy guide to Gothing-up your Chistmas season.
  3. Sal Kaye is also having a Gothy little Christmas at Still Dark @ Heart.
  4. I went browsing through my own archives and came up with some advice on buying Christmas gifts for Goths, also featuring last year's Christmas-themed blog round-up.
  5. Check out Steampunk Couture's winter collection via Melancholy Romantic.
  6. The Spooky Vegan is celebrating 13 Days of Creepmas!
  7. What's Creepmas anyway? Why not pop over to the offical blog and find out? Lots of beautifully morbid holiday goodies await!


Miss Eva Morgan Reeve said...

''This is a good time to go shopping''

Seriously, when is it not a go time to go shopping? ;)

Sal Kaye said...

Aw, thank you for mentioning me yet again! :)
Hugs hugs hugs!

BlacKat said...

This may be a random question but - do you know of any sources for gothy foundations (underwear/bottom layers of outfits) garments that aren't particularly lacy? I love lace as an outer layer, but I absolutely cannot have any but the softest laces next to my skin without being in sheer agony.

ultimategothguide said...

BlacKat - I get mine from shops like Tesco, Peacocks and M&S, they're just plain black vests and leggings but they do the job (if you're in the USA try Target or Walmart). For underwear, same again, or Primark is good too... don't laugh, but push-up bras and that sort of thing tend to be less lacy than 'normal' bras... is this any help?

Mysteria Violent said...

I know this model)) Her name is Disharmony Ugliness.

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