Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Outfit: work clothes + frizzled hair

If you buy a book on the history of punk during your work day, you WILL want to come home and arse about with your hair. 

Actually, I make that sound like some effort went into this when actually it didn't. I slept in plaits, went to work in plaits, unravelled the plaits at the end of the day and pushed my hair over to one side of my head. Then put a few sparkly clips in it. My hair is so boring at the moment, had to do SOMEthing with it. :-/

Boots: skip
Leggings: Primark, £7
Skirt: Travelling Trends fashion show, £13
Thermal long-sleeved vest thing: um, no idea... o.O
T-shirt: gift from Bronwyn at the Aesthetic Perfection gig we recently went to
Necklace: £4, Claire's


Abigail said...

I like it! <33

Amanda J said...

Looks gorgeous!

Maggie said...

Wish I could go to work in an Aesthetic Perfection T-shirt :)

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