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Plus size Goth fashion

This post is a reader request for not one but two lovely ladies. As I'm sure you are all already well aware, being a larger size doesn't mean you can't be beautiful, stylish or indeed a well-dressed Goth. This is going to be the first of several posts about plus size fashion, I hope you enjoy it and possibly find it useful. :3

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Source: Not Made To Measure
1. Foundation garments
Ladies with generous curves need to pay more attention to undergarments and the foundations of their outfits. Many typically Goth-beloved styles are structured in a way that is flattering to the fuller figure, such as corsets, basques and other items with boning, which gives plus size Goths a bit more freedom than plus-sized women in mainstream fashion - I'm sure most of us will agree that a corset has a bit more va-va-voom than your average support garment from M&S.

Good foundation garments - most particularly, a well-fitting bra - should be comfortable, and size certainly shouldn't make you afraid of buying sexy lingerie. Just make sure that it is appropriately supportive and fits well - your bosoms shouldn't be exploding out of the cups or strapped down as though you are straitjacketed, but a properly fitting bra improves posture and immediately flatters your figure, making you curvy not dumpy.

2. Yes, black is slimming, but...
Shiny materials like silk and PVC reflect light and can make you look larger. This doesn't mean you shouldn't wear them - just keep them to flattering areas; for example highlight a perfectly rounded posterior with a pencil skirt.

3. Wear clothes that are the right size
It may be tempting to cover up with baggy shirts but you could actually be making yourself look bigger than you are; plus hiding yourself away by swamping yourself in fabric does nothing for your self esteem. Clothes should loosely hug your body.

4. Smaller patterns are more flattering
Which is great news for a Goth chick - spider webs, stars, dagger print, skulls etc. all tend to be smaller prints than the great big graphic, geometrical and floral prints splashed over a lot of mainstream fashions at the moment.

5. Disguise a rounded stomach
Cardigans, waistcoats and jackets which stop on the waist are always very flattering and cropped styles don't have to look mainstream; you could rip the sleeves off a cropped denim jacket and add studs and patches, or look out for pretty pieces in velvet. We all know the old trick of wearing a thick, elasticated belt for instant oomph at the waist, but if your stomach is bigger than your bust this may only serve to highlight a problem area - use caution. Tunic tops create a longer silhouette.

6. Bear in mind your body shape
Find out your body shape here. Most plus-size girls are apple, pear or hourglass-shaped.

Pear-shaped girls can accentuate a small bust and shoulders by wearing frills and lace in this area, which is the best excuse I ever heard for buying that Victorian jabot you've been lusting after. ;-) Broad collars or lapels are also flattering, as are dramatically puffed or flared sleeves. Avoid tube or fishtail skirts for obvious reasons.

Apple-shaped girls may wish to wear tops with a slightly lower or scooped neckline to draw the eye away from a heavy midsection. Corsets can do wonders for the apple-shaped figure as they add definition at the waistline whilst pushing the bosom upwards.

Hourglass girls would do best to avoid baggy or shapeless clothing and instead put Christina Hendricks to shame by embracing their fabulous figure.

7. Know your allies
Voluptuous vixens may sadly struggle to find clothes that are both gorgeously Gothy and plus-size on their local high street. Whilst, as ever, I urge you to check out secondhand shops everywhere you go, there is a rather excellent list over yonder of online stores stocking a decent range of plus size Goth clothing. There is also a longer list of similar resouces here.


Anonymous said...

I'm strawberry, do you have any advice for me?

Saphire Rainforest said...

Is it just me or my phone, but everything is different on the the blog. Its all white and kind reminds me of tumblr. I can't see the long list on the side or the you may also like section at the bottom. It usually leads me to check out your past post that I haven't read yet. I can't see the ad slideshow thing I like checking out those sites. And I like checking out the blogs you follow so I can discover other gothy blogs as well. Is this an update on my phone or changes in the site? I just want o know if anybody else notices this as well
I love this post even though I'm not a curvy girl I still found it helpful.

ultimategothguide said...

I definitely haven't changed anything. o.O Let me know if it sorts itself out.

Saphire Rainforest said...

ok never mind my phone was acting crappy again I fixed it phew brava

Toxic Tears said...

Ebay as well. I find myself getting frustrated because I've found a few really lovely things that START at a size 18, which is literally 3 times my size *sob*

Tenebris In Lux said...

@Toxic Tears: I think it's easier to buy something larger than my own size than something smaller. Easier to tailor. Tailoring is a special way of "taking in" a garment to better bit you. I would suppose you could do the same about any baggy clothing, of if it is worth sacrificing, then "de-construct" it for another sewing project in the future.

I'm a rather short and petite person. This may sound nice and all, but I always have to tailor items due to my small size. That, and my height is a bit of a problem ..

Anonymous said...

it happened to my phone too @ sapphire rainforest

Anonymous said...

My phone has the same problem!

Nina Wum said...

Thanks a lot, Amy!

So very true -a wide elastic belt is a curvy girl's best friend. Especially when one is not that much into advanced corsetry.
I often wear fake (containing plastic boning) corsets for show - but the whole idea of my tender innards being squished, crushed and contorted by some steel contraption doesn't appeal to me at all.
I'm glad that You plan to do more posts on this topic. It seems that having a curvy body isn't as much of a problem as the people's reactions to it.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

:P I can't wear make-up until I get contacts...I hate, hate, HAAATTEEE wearing make-up while I wear my glasses.

Nephälia VonDämonen said...

I'm definitely of the hourglass type, but the thing is, I'm not really plus sized, but I'm not really.. not, either. I usually buy plus-sized clothes and alter them smaller because my waist can fit a "regular" size medium, my hips fit a large, but I need a XL or sometimes a 1X for my bust and shoulders. My body makes having clothes that fit me a crazy amount of work, but I like my hourglass figure, so I don't mind :] It just gives me more experience altering/making things for when I become a fashion designer XD
Anyway, I think these are some great tips :]

Nephälia VonDämonen said...

Oh, and I'd like to add, if you're like me and your hips are smaller than/don't quite balance out your bust/shoulders, I always like to wear skirts that are on the poofier side (like tulle tutu-esque skirts) to make it look like I have bigger hips than I actually do. XD Or wearing a corset usually fixes the problem ^-^
Yeah, I'm one of the few women in the world who WANTS bigger hips. XD

Anonymous said...

It's really nice to hear something positive about plus-sized goths. Thank you!

Luckily I can sew and almost everything I own is in some way mutilated. It's easier of course to make clothes smaller, but I'm happy to announce that also the opposite is possible. It's quite fun, actually, once you get the hang of it. My earliest experiments were really hilarious. Good thing they were cheap second-hand items.

By the way, I also like to wear puffy skirts, although my hips are the largest part of me. I do have huge breasts too, so my hip doesn't look too out of place. My reasoning to wearing puffy skirts goes like this: My hips are huge and anyone can see it so why bother trying to hide it. I emphasize it. I think broad hips are really sexy, they swing prettily and a really puffy skirt makes even my huge waist seem much much smaller. Everything is relative, right?

By the way nr. 2: Thank you, Amy! You mentioned RazorBladeKisses in one of your blog posts. I hadn't heard of them and naturally youtubed them. I fell in love! It's really seldom something hits me like this, musicwise. I was compelled to order their cd, it doesn't seem to be on sale here in
Finland. I have been insanely happy for hours just because I listened to few songs on youtube and am now waiting to receive them home. Love this feeling, this musical high, that plays my soul like a ghostly xylophone. Thank you for giving it to me, however indirectly.

P.S. Sorry about the musical high. I get really melodramatic and "cliche-ic" when I'm feeling strongly.

-Kinky Ogre

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