Friday, 30 December 2011

Up next in 2012

I'm not sure whether or not I will have chance to post tomorrow... I apologise for blogging being slightly sporadic this month but we are all busy in December... :-) Next year, of course, is Filthy Victorians so at the very least you can expect a daily outfit post (emergencies and internet outages taken into consideration of course!).

Source: Deathwaves
I will also try and finish my guide to dark music and list of established Goth fashion styles... sadly I didn't finish my vampire reading challenge for 2011 but next year at least I can review some books about characters other than vampires, which I'm sure will be a welcome change for some of you.

I have a stack of reader requests to get through and a lot of tutorials to finish, so you can look forward (or not) to seeing those in the new year. (And it's been like a month since I checked my email, sorry about that...)

But for now it's over to you guys! What do you want to see more or less of on the Goth Guide in 2012? I noticed that a lot of bloggers tend to post the results of their shopping sprees - is that something you'd like to see? What about *gulp* reader-submitted fiction or poetry (calm down, I'm just throwing the idea out there for now!) or should the Guide stay non-fictional?


Katherine :) said...

I think It would be really cool if you could do a quiz :P Like 'What goth band are you?' That would be fun ^_^

It would also be really cool if you did a post on how to merge two subcultures into one outfit. Random but it would be cool :P E.g I heard someone describe them self as a Goth Skinhead. I'm not sure how that would look :P

Also You could do a thing on what would happen if goth mixed with another music genre. Like If goth met ska what would happen? :P

Very strange, sorry :)

InfiltratorN7 said...

More book reviews of different gothy books would be cool. I enjoy reading your vampire book reviews. Maybe gothy and goth-friendly film reviews as well, old and new. More website recommendations. You already do that very well. :-)

Having a monthly spotlight on different goth bands would be good too, introducing people to a bands' music and style with song recommendations. Discussing different albums and periods for a band as well as recommending newer ones.

Tenebris In Lux said...

I'm content enough with all the content of this blog. But book and movie reviews would be interesting.

Hey, were you ever going to go on with the interviews you were planning?

BellaDonna said...

I'd love more goth/goth-friendly book reviews as well. And I wouldn't mind shopping posts, either, although I don't have the same shops here in the USA. It would still give me ideas!

This is a great blog, and it can only get better, IMHO! :-)

Anonymous said...

Tutorials! On anything, really! I love the stuff you come up with! So much that I'm ending all my sentences with exclaimation marks like a spazz!

Anonymous said...

Fashion and makeup tutorials are always welcome. I enjoy the T-Shirt Makeover features; maybe throwing in some entries about customizing other clothes and accessories (pants, tights, etc.).

Book and movie reviews would also be great! Perhaps a trade-off between contemporary writers and the classics with each entry?

Shopping posts would be much appreciated, as one can never have too many ideas about where to look for things to incorporate into their outfit.

Whatever you wind up doing, I'm sure it'll be great and I look forward to continuing to read your blog!

babybatdanielle said...

I love writing too, so I think throwing some fiction and poetry into the Ultimate Goth Guide cauldron would be a great idea.
Best of luck with the filthy victorians challenge next year!

xo :-)

bunika13 said...

i love reading everything on your blog. maybe you could do more DIY stuff? and i also enjoyed reading your t-shirt makeover tutorials. those were really cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, please keep the guide non-fictional!
I really like the blog as it is.

Anonymous said...

Personally, shoes. Including boots of course. I think it would be sooo useful. Anyway, your blog is the best thing on goth, just keep it!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I forgot! Goth culture spreading! The book reviews, and films, events...Great. And tutorials, nice idea. I loved the DIY jacket post. And the jacket <3

Nightwind said...

I don't have any posting suggestions at the moment, but I just want to wish you and everyone here a Happy New Year.

Steff Metal said...

Happy New Year! More of the same works for me - especially if you're adding more book, film and music reviews. Maybe guest posts / interviews from other people about what goth means to them?

Kismet said...

Hello Amy!
I read about Filthy Victorians from your blog and some others. I think it would be fun to try to dress in Victorian clothes every day so I decided to try for myself.
I also want to see more posts about buying or making goth clothes on a budget as well as customizing old clothes thank-you.
Sorry about my horrible grammer.
Happy New Year!


A lot of new Goth bands that produce fine quality Trad Goth. Also any older bands reforming. It would be nice for Suspiria to reform. They could return back with a new album, on Nightbreed Recordings. Matthew and the other guy should put aside their differences. And I am looking forward to the new album by Marilyn Manson.

Nina Wum said...

Happy New Year to You, Amy.
You seem like a girl with a plan.
I wish I was that organised.
Keep it up the way you're doing it, please. Also: about the "reader-submitted fiction." I firmly believe that this is a Bad Idea. Firstly, nowadays everyone's a writer; You'll get your mailbox stuffed with large amounts of unbelieveably crappy prose in no time. There will be people who'll send You whole damn books. They'll expect You to read their crap overnight and post it first thing in the morning; they'll take offence if You don't, and nag You via e-mail. Via many angry e-mails, actually. Believe me, You don't want to go through this.
To all the aspiring fiction writers on the Web: Dear folk, Amy has worked hard to establish her mark and she's doing just fine.
Please get Your own damn blogs.
If this stuff that You write is actually of any use, readers will come eventually.

Lots of love,

ultimategothguide said...

Regarding interviews, I am working on them but I'm really struggling to find the time. Will crack on propely in the new year!

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