Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Vlogger Spotlight: LeahMouse

So last month I spotlighted stylish vlogger Sebastian Columbine, and a lot of you said you would like to see more vloggers featured here. As it happens, today I discovered the beautiful LeahMouse!

(c) LeahMouse

Leah's videos are a hilarious and charming mix of opinions on everything from What Is Goth (perhaps this is a little zany of me but I could watch different people's 'what is Goth' videos for hours... it never ceases to amaze me how everyone has something new to say on essentially the same subject) to more serious subjects like mental disorders; Tim Burton singalongs, random funny clips and shots from her daily life, and of course a whole lot of her awesome hair.

For the Christmas season, Leah has dyed her hair orange and green with stripes (!!!) and is actually really rocking this look, I love it!

LeahMouse is supercute, bubbly and genuine - in short, the kind of girl you'd want to go out to the clubs and have a laugh with. You can find her channel here.

It's taken me forever to choose which video of Leah's to feature in this post, I love so many of them so I really do recommend you go check out her channel! In fact, you know what, have three videos because I can't not feature this:


SaryWalrus said...

You literally read my mind. I was writing up the exact same post yesterday; What Is Goth video and all.

ultimategothguide said...

o.O Sorry, Sary :-( I can take it down if you like?

Miss Eva Morgan Reeve said...

You girls are so cute! Lol.

Nightwind said...

LeahMouse seems pretty awesome to me. Thanks for putting up her videos; I was not familiar with her before.

Brittany said...

I love LeahMouse! I'm actually subscribed to her on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Dear amy,

I'm 20 years old. And have been into gothic culture since about 14.

Nobody in my scene will talk to me, they automatically dimiss me as being an emo or spooky kid
without even seeing what I enjoy or what music I like

I am very offended by this, because for the entire duration of my 'gothood' i've never been able
to get into a face to face conversation over say, Bauhaus. and for at least 6 years i've withheld shareing
my love of such things with people (I approach my peers and try to mention all these bands, but they will turn around
and say they "perfer industrial" or "prefer ebm" without even listening to it o0 I also like these genres)

I'm very new to clubbing, but the music and culture i'm extremely familar with. I talked to this to someone (probably one of the few
people have I met) who mentioned SATB. He said "they probably think you look emo"

I dont have the most money, so I can't afford to order offline, i'm only just learning how to sew myself. So all my clothes are either second hand or simply store bought.

Should I purse finding friends that have something in common with me? Or not bother because
they've been so judgemental and shallow (not talking to me because of how I dress? o0)

(sorry for typos english is not my first language)

Anonymous said...

Interesting... I just interviewed LeahMouse for my own blog, then read yours!

ultimategothguide said...

Anon - sounds like you've been very unlucky with the sort of people who are involved with the scene near you. Perhaps it might be more worth your while to travel a litle further afield, perhaps attend some festivals or meet-ups instead of clubs where there are a larger number of people who may be more interested in getting to know each other.

It's ridiculous that even within a scene like ours some still feel the need to judge on appearance (even if you DID look like an emo, what in hell is wrong with that?!).

Or perhaps it would be easier for you to set up a blog or other form of online profile (e.g. Twitter) where you could meet and talk to people you have things in common with and then arrange a face-to-face meet-up with these people (being safe, obviously).

I definitely don't think you should give up just because the few people you've met have been arrogant twats, I can assure you that not everyone is like that and I'm sure that eventually you will find those who have more similar tastes to your own.

ultimategothguide said...

MistressOfTheDecay - great interview! :-D

CallaWolf said...

I know I'm a little late on the topic (ok, a lot late, it's September already), but it's funny I stumbled across your post about Leah. I just started viewing her videos not too long ago and found them to be really interesting and informative, and didn't see your post until I viewing many of them.

I'm glad you posted about her, it's good to see someone giving her a good shout out, she is certainly worth checking out on Youtube.

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