Sunday, 15 January 2012

BatFit 2012: Challenge Three

Our wonderful Professeur Gothique gives us this third challenge for BatFit 2012:
For this Bat Fit Challenge you are to give up a bad habit,

and in turn, replace it with a good habit.

"Bad habits come in many shapes and sizes; and can be physical, mental or emotional.  Bad habits gravely affect our total health, leading to physical health problems, depression, anxiety, and unfulfilling personal relationships. I challenge you, dear readers, to get rid of ONE bad habit. There's going to be a void where the bad habit was so fill it up with a good habit."
I'm going to be working on two of the same bad habits as Le Professeur, who has bravely chosen to tackle three negatives. Mine are:
  1. Procrastination
  2. Negative thinking
I'm going to stop spending so much time online looking at pretty pictures or watching telly when I could be writing, or exercising, going for a walk, shopping, baking, altering clothes, painting... basically all those things I keep telling myself I will do - later. The good habit I will replace procrastination with is basically just doing worthwhile things instead of lazing around putting everything off. I think that doing fun things counts as a 'habit', anyway. ;-)

Hopefully you can't tell too much from this blog, but I'm a fairly negative person. To illustrate, I borrowed my dad's copy of the book Grumpy Old Men and despite not being, well, an old man (honest) I was slightly alarmed to discover that I have every single character trait associated with grumpy old men AND the grouchy and downright rude internal monologue to match. Perhaps it's time to give up thinking of creative (and not-so-creative) insults for the poor unfortunates who have to interact with me in everyday life. The positive I am going to replace this with is, well, thinking of better things! As the Professeur says, I'm going to be more mindful of what I am thinking and try to replace snappy, negative thoughts with something a little more cheerful... I just hope that friends and coworkers will appreciate my Mary Poppins-esque mindset. ;-D


Anonymous said...

HUZZAH!!! Amy, you can do it! Heck, we're going to do it together. :D

linnea-maria said...

I have definitely never thought about you as grumpy. :) I wish I could install a red warning light that flash when I have negative thoughts. A bit afraid that it would flash a little bit too often, in the beginning though.

Anonymous said...

I like this article and I'm sure you would manage this challenge, Amy. I'd like to overcome my negative thinking as well. As a autistic person I can get wary at times and anxious as a part of my negativity.

Nightwind said...

I've not ever thought of you as negative or grumpy Amy. We're often our own worst critics. Still, our bad habits do have a way of sneaking up on us while we are unaware. Sometimes I don't realize that I've slipped back into my own negativity or bad habits until way after the fact. They're very elusive.

Anyway, the best of luck to you!

Traicetrak said...

You certainly wouldn't strike anyone as a negative person on here (you perky-goth, you!), but negative thoughts are a common plague. You'll find conquering them to be life-changing, especially if they tend to be self-critical. When I battled depression years ago, overcoming the negative tapes playing in my head may have been the most critical step. A technique I found helpful was to demonize the thoughts, meaning I would visualize them coming from an external source, like evil spirits whispering in my ear. This gave me an enemy to battle other than myself. It isn't very helpful overcoming negative thoughts if you end up beating yourself up over having them! LOL Now with the procrastination problem, I have no advice whatsoever. =/

CNGB said...

I'm sure that you'll be able to knock down your procrastination and negative thoughts, Amy! In fact, I think I'm going to be doing the same thing.

Goth Mary Poppins said...

Haha, cheerfull Mary Poppins...

Have you read the book? She can be a real b*tch sometimes and gets offended easily...

For everyone, who tries to fight negative thoughts, I recommend "How to Make Yourself Miserable for the Rest of the Century" by Dan Greenburg, and Marcia Jacobs.

When you read it, you will realise, how you spoil your own little happy life with worrying.

Oh, and a bad habit of mine: trying to persuade people to read books, and get disappointed, when the don't. ^^

Rainy said...

One thing I would like to see more of in your blog are more tutorials. You could spend more time making things! For example: Once I saw your xmas present post, I made myself a dangly bat mobile. (Because it is adorable.) There are plenty of things that you could do yourself instead of buying. However, the trade off is buying the supplies (sometimes).

I like to buy halloween fabric during any other time of the year OTHER than halloween, because it is almost always on discount. You can also get discounted gift certificates for some bead shops.

.... Sorry, I grew up without TV so I had to do SOMETHING during the day, and it turned out to be crafting. Now I encourage it of everyone! It's fun, anyways.

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