Thursday, 12 January 2012

BatFit 2012: Challenge Two

Challenge Two for our dear professeur's BatFit 2012 was to spend 20 minutes every day for two weeks or more dancing to suitably stompy music. I have done this with reasonable regularity, barring the occasional Aargh! Migraine, which prevents almost all movement let alone dancing to stompy music.

I wondered what I could post about this challenge and did consider uploading a video of some of my 'routine' - however I don't wish to scare you all away! I will tell you, though, that when I have run through my repertoire of suitably Gothy moves (nobody can Pull The Evil Taffy like I can ^^), attempted some achingly bad Industrial-type dancing, and thrown in a handful of moves I learned at bellydance, I resort to dancing like your dad does at weddings.

I like to parody a bit of classic seventies disco dance or mix it up with John Travolta's dance floor killers from Pulp Fiction. A regular part of my routine also includes the dance that Taurens do in World of Warcraft.

This is my favourite track to dance to at the moment:

Other regulars on my dancing playlist include Ashbury Heights, The Cruxshadows, Bak XIII, Pretentious, Moi?, The Birthday Massacre, Alice Moving Under Skies and Johnny Hollow.


Miss Eva Morgan Reeve said...

Yeah, my flat mate walked on me while I was doing my ''routine'' and ask:

''Why are you jumping like that?! Are you okay?!''

I responded that yes, I was fine, just dancing.

And he started laughing...

Cruel world! ;)

Under_The_Stairs said...

Luckily no one has seen my dancing-I made sure of that.But that doesn't change the fact I can dance about as well as a 70 year old can use a computer. LOL

Dismantlynn said...

LOL sounds like a fun 2nd challenge luckily I've been doing that for years (Being a bit of a metalhead goth has it's advantages at times lol).

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