Sunday, 1 January 2012

Filthy Victorians: Day the first - a bad start

A terrible start to my year as a Little Alice began with me frantically searching my horrifically messy bedroom for ANY of the Victorian-esque clothing I had managed to amass over the last few months and almost tearing my hair out.

Dan, who seems to have become my sanity since I seem to be currently going through a pretty pathetic twenty-something's version of a mid-life crisis (replacing half my wardrobe with bizarre things like patterned Christmas jumpers and striped harem pants, refusing to check my emails for months on end or, um, brush my hair, generally behaving and dressing in a scatty and vaguely hobo-esque manner), eventually took over, sorting everything into piles and pulling out all the Victorian stuff he could.

Cue crisis two - we had to be at a restaurant in half an hour and because of my incredibly poor planning, none of my lovely Victorian and Neo-Victorian and steampunk-styled clothes, bought specifically for spending 2012 as a little punktorian Alice, went together.

Of course, I threw a grade-A strop and started threatening to go to the pub in my underwear.

I eventually decided that it would be better to wear something, anything, and blog about the whole tragedy than stay at home, sulk, and vanish from the blogosphere. So, in keeping with my sudden (and random) late December transformation into a slightly neurotic, unkempt hobo-type-person, here is what I actually wore today:
Hat: charity shop, £1.50
Skirt: charity shop, frayed at home with a cheese grater, £2.80
HIM wristband: market stall on Bournemouth seafront, £2.50
Amethyst hearts ring: gift from Dan
Pentagram signet ring: Topshop, about £7
Necklace: Alchemy Gothic, £18
T-shirt: Topshop, £22
Leggings: Primark, £7
Boots: New Rock, £150
S.O.P.H.I.E. wristband: speaks for itself
Friendship bracelet: £1.50, ...mooch
Denim jacket: charity shop, £3.30


Katherine :) said...

Aww sorry to hear about the bad start to the Filthy Victorian Challenge :(

But the outfit you wore anyway looked nice :)

Yeah, why Is it so hard to find Victorian outfits that go together? I had trouble finding an outfit for Whitby :P So I know the feeling :)

KatSaw said...

Any reason for the pre-midlife crisis slide into hobodom? Just curious because at times it is pure laziness (I myself have not stirred from my raggedy-torn Slipknot shirt and tracksuit pants that are similarly tatty around the ankles for weeks; but I attribute this to holiday slumming) and sometimes it's personal stuffs. Anyway I hope all is well in Amy's wonderland =) By the by, your Shakespeare shirt is lovely.

ultimategothguide said...

KatSaw - thank you for the kind words. ^^ I am just... not myself at the moment, lots of areas of my life need re-evaluating which I find somewhat stressful. Usually with me when similar fashion ruts occur it's just laziness though!

Katherine - thank you! :-)

Katherine :) said...

You're welcome! ^_^ I hope you feel better soon Amy :)

Not nice when people are sad :(

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Don't worry, Amy. I've had to put of starting because of all my health issues. Plus it's been so hot that i've nearly had seizures three times today. And i've been awake for an hour.

What you need, I think, is to stay home, curl up with a Discworld novel and write some trashy goth fanfics. <3

(my captcha? "swaingor". Swain is a columnist, my favourite one. A sign of things to come? I think so.)

Anonymous said...

I completely forgot about FIlthy Victorians, but since having had a cold the past two days, and having spent those days in my pyjamas which consist of a chemise turned nightgown and bloomers, I'm good!

Nina Wum said...

Amy, just letting You know that You're not the only not-so-happy hobo girl out there. ;) My life needs a complete makeover and I'm currently sweating over a plan how to start it.
Did You know that the word "crisis" in Chinese consists of two signs, which mean "danger" and "opportunity"? I think there's some wisdom in this. Necessary changes may be hard and unpleasant, but maybe there's something worth seeing over the hill. (So I keep telling myself.)
I wish You courage with Your personal battles. You are not alone.

Lots of love,

ultimategothguide said...

Thank you so much Nina! <3 Thank you for the encouragement and wisdom, I really needed it. I wish you the best for your own life. xxx

Nina Wum said...

You're welcome, girl. ^_^ And thanks.


Nevermind Amy. We can't all be perfect all the time. Sorry to hear your difficulties of trying to dress Victorianly. Not even I can be perfect all of the time. I've given up trying to be perfect. Just doesn't suit my character anymore. What's the point?

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