Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Guest post: Goths of color beauty tips

For Goths of every shape, size, and location, aesthetics are very important. Gothic appearance has a wide range and due to creativity within the Gothic community there is an unlimited amount of things that Goths can do with their look.

This post brought to you by the lovely Dismantlynn of Color Me Goth
For Goths of color however there are less sources available for hair and makeup specifics and I would like to add my findings to help those in search of their own perfect gothic look. Now I must state this before I begin; because I am African American my ethnic Goth advice is mainly limited to my own race on a personal level. Though anyone can learn from this advice, I cannot claim to know as much about other races make-up and hair wise.

I would like to start with hair. Now I would like to break this up into three sections: natural hair, weave, and chemically straightened hair. Now, for anyone who has read my blog you know that I have natural (texture) hair and I am an advocate for natural texture hair for African American women, ethnic Goth or not. I think you can do a lot with natural hair. There is a lot of effort that goes into it but the results are worth it.

Natural Hair

There are truly so many different natural textures of hair that it would be impossible for me to cover them all in one post so I am just going to cover the ones that have less information about them or have the thickest textures.

Gothic Afro
Now I have to admit you rarely see a Goth of any race with an afro but it is possible. You can never go wrong with dyeing it! Colored hair is always a lovely way of expressing your “Gothiness”. If you do not want to take that route then Accessories like crazy! Bows look amazing in any hair and that counts for Afros too. Put a cute little bow with a skull on it in your fro or maybe a spider web themed bow, etc… One thing I want to see more of in afros are ribbons I just think weaving thin ribbons in and out of a fro is adorable. Just tie it to the root of some hair and twist the ends in with the rest of the hair.

Dreads and Braids

Well I am a very bias here. I think locs are beautiful but not meant for everyone. You can do anything with dreads, cut them, braid them, dye them, and curl them whatever! Whether you have real locs or you get dread falls they always look interesting and fun. When braids or dreads are styled right they can go with just about any Goth look. If you want to add more volume to your dreads be sure to pull your hair up in the shower or curl them. I find tying in ribbon to dreads and braids adds volume as well as color for those who do not want to dye their hair. Try braiding in small necklace chains. Beads also look great on dreads and shells just be sure to secure them well otherwise you will have a loud clatter of beads fly off every time you turn your head. What I would really like to see is gothic designed cornrows.


If there is one thing that you can’t go wrong is gothic big hair. Weave, wigs, and extensions can help you get that big full teased look you want without stressing your hair too much. I must admit I am not a huge fan of wigs (I do not like wig caps they are always to tight because I have to squeeze such a large amount of thick hair into them) but Cosplay wigs are always fun and vibrant and they are a wig that says “I like fun and color and being different”. To me natural looking wigs say “I had nothing to do with my hair” or “I am ashamed of my own hair”, and other negative things but that is just what I find personally. Be sure to put some money into whatever wig, fall, or weave you choose even a gutter Goth does not want trashy hair, well they might, but not cheap looking hair. If you have a Mohawk, or shaved portion of your hair, that you need to cover for a job extensions and wigs are an easy solution for that. Gothic model Amanda Tea has a Mohawk but for many of her shoots she only has one shaved side exposed or a wig on.

Straightened Hair

For chemically straightened hair I suggest getting most styles done in a salon. Chemically straightening it and straightening hair with a hot comb, flat iron, curling iron etc… weakens hair so it is best to have a professional care for it. If you want to dye it and have a brown to black hair color I would reconsider bleaching it and if you do bleach it do not apply heat to your hair to dye it; just let the dye air set. I recommend dyeing it with out bleach and use colors that will give your hair a nice highlight such as blue, purple, or red. Straighten hair looks great for edgier looking styles such as death rocker but can look just as beautiful with a baby doll Goth look.

Now to cover Make up

I truly had difficulty thinking about this topic. There are so many different skin tones and face shapes to consider. This is truly a really broad topic.

Well lets start off with the most obvious and often brought up topic; Pale face. There is no need for a Goth of color to lighten their skin for any reason other than doing a skeleton look. With that said lets focus on everything else.

For darker skins I highly recommend the albino Goth look. Albino Goth is a look popularized by the Japanese. It is a look where you wear all white to compliment darker skin tones. This is a great excuse to experiment with designs in white liquid eyeliner.

I prefer using white or light eyeliner as a primer because of how strong it is and it saves money. Stay away from cheap pastels. A light pink or yellow come across as a powdery white and does not look flattering on brown skin if powdery white was not your intent.
The color on the left is light blue and on the right is dark pink but they both look like white here.
Be careful of black eyeliner on the lower lid. Everyone should try to avoid a thick line unless a thick line is necessary for a very stylized look. Goths of color need to beware it because if it smudges down it will look like natural dark circles under your eye. I find that this is more of an issue with plumper faces. To prevent it from smudging always go over black eyeliner with black pigment with a very fine tip brush.

For color palettes I suggest neon colors and silver and gold. Those with fuller lips, be cautious of the lip pencil and cheap white lipstick for everyday use. Remember these are suggested guidelines. Do not let anyone stifle your creative aesthetic just be aware of what impediments you might have to deal with.


Mira said...

Some of those makeup color combinations sound really beautiful.

BallerinaDark said...

That's great! I took a look at that blog and think it's really inspiring! :)

Sara said...

More photos! I'd like to see pictures of coloured goths. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a mixed goth, so my skin colour is sort of caramel or something like that. Basically I'm not dark. Can someone help me with makeup advice?

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