Sunday, 8 January 2012

Inspired by Goth: Christina Perri

[Apologies for not posting any Filthy Victorian outfits for a while... I was right in my prediction that it would feel limiting and as a Little Alice I'd prefer to post a spectacular outfit fortnightly, say, rather than a lacklustre outfit daily.]

I first became aware of singer Christina Perri when a friend e-mailed me her music video for the song Jar of Hearts because they thought I would like it. Well, they were right, and although I'm not generally a fan of slow songs even the track itself grew on me after a while.

The American singer-songwriter's music is described variously as pop, alternative rock, and soul, although in my opinion 'alternative pop' is probably the best description. Christina's appearance is vaguely alternative, with a bleached section of hair and extensive tattoos. Her music is mostly not, although I have noticed that many young Goths seem to be listening to Jar of Hearts nowadays.

Source: Christina Perri Official
If you're thinking that perhaps Christina's influence from Goth begins and ends with Jar of Hearts and its accompanying video, you're probably right. More specifically, the outfits in the video - we have torn white dresses, fishnets and boots galore. The melancholy lyrics probably helped serve to attract the flocks of younger Goth followers she currently boasts as well.


Silver Snow said...

I pretty much fell in love with this song when I heard it. The lyrics were so awesome. :D

Dismantlynn said...

I like the black ink effects in the video but I still can't bring myself to like her or jar of hearts. I think Todd in the Shadows putting her on his top 10 list of worst pop songs of 2011 was the nail in the coffin for me. He made a valid points of her trying to be a lot deeper than she really is and claiming that she was way over someone when she has "not over it" written all over her. I think he best summed it up as the first poem a 14 teen year old girl wrote.

Rachel said...

Like Dismantlynn, Todd in the Shadows pretty much covered why I hate this song. Also, I think the lyrics are annoying and so is her voice.

Her outfit in the video, however, I can fully get behind.

babybatdanielle said...

Weird you should post this when I was listening to her album today (which is fantastic, may I add!) and thinking of how she seemed to be inspired by Goth in her appearance.
Great post!

Danielle xo :-)

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