Saturday, 21 January 2012

January linksplosion

I thought that as this is the first month of a new year, I'd add a bit more pizazz to my monthlyish blog round-ups by adding something I'm probably going to think up a cheesy name for sooner or later - for every month of 2012 I'm going to post twelve links to photos I've found online of incredible, inspirational and mindblowing Gothy outfits, wherever they may be lurking.

Gratuitous Rob Smith
This means that I get to a) share the love, b) squee over people's amazing outfits and ideas, and c) show them all to you without trampling all over anyone's copyright. Sounds like a win-win-win from this side of the internets, but as usual do let me know if you think this is a good idea or not.

I'm also going to add ten Etsy picks for each month so we are looking at a total linksplosion here in 2012.

First things first, what has been going on around the internet this month?
  1. I came across a link to the Lolita blog Parfait Doll, which is totally new to me but utterly a delight; posts have names like "So you want to be a Lolita model?" and "Pastel pop darlings: the fairy kei guide". However the post that interested me most was Doll Complex - this is a really stunning and thoughtful post, and I felt that a lot of what was said could also apply to we Goths as well as Lolita devotees.
  2. The HouseCat wrote a post about a more serious subject (back in December so I'm cheating a little here, but I don't think I have linked to this before and it really should be read) - that is, Revealing Clothes, Unwanted Attention and Safety. Now, not all Goths wear revealing clothes but any kind of alternative appearance may be viewed by others as provocative and is likely to garner unwanted attention sooner or later. So even if you don't own a garter belt and prefer your corset worn over a shirt, I'd recommend giving this powerful article a read.
  3. The utterly adorablesome Ali Eckfeldt is on YouTube!! I have so much fangirlyness for Ali so no surprise that I loved her new tutorial for a bat-tastic backpack.
  4. Gothic Charm School is even more absolutely fabulous than usual with this spot-on post about labels within Goth (y'know, cyber, romantic, etc,) and why, whilst they can make useful shorthand to describe a style or outfit, there is no need to take them seriously - for example, just because you like to refer to yourself as a romantigoth does not mean you have FAILED in LIFE if one day you'd really like to go to the club wearing cyberfalls and a latex jockstrap.
  5. Darling Violetta always posts some really interesting things; she comes up trumps again with a reader request post on the topic, "Why aren't there more black people in the Goth scene?"
  6. Sophistique Noir took part in a homework assignment from Le Professeur Gothique - and rocked it.
  7. Jayne_Jezebel offers some advice on how to transition from Gothic Lolita to bittersweet Lolita fashion... I had never heard of bittersweet Lolita before and now I'm totally in love!
OK... now let's have a look at ten droolworthy pieces of craftwork that I'm lusting over this January:
  1. You have no idea how much I want some antlers. Just. No. Idea. So clearly this made-to-order headpiece from My Sweet Delirium is a must have for me this year...
  2. Bats. Bats on everything. You can never, EVER, have too many bats. I love this filigree bat necklace from Fable and Fury for its darkly elegant flair...
  3. There's very little from Spooky Boutique that I wouldn't buy, but at the moment I'm taken with the idea of their Horror Movie perfume, which smells like buttered popcorn!
  4. Goth boots. For babies. No, I'm not even kidding you! The aptly-named Goth Baby Knits has created these adorable knitted buckle boots for your young spooklings.
  5. You know what I was saying earlier about bats? :-3 Well, here's a really gorgeous ring from sandrandan that kinda proves my point. This would look lovely on Gothy types of all genders.
  6. Tribal and bellydance enthusiasts will surely appreciate this darling fascinator from Magic Tribal Hair. I adore the curled peacock feathers!
  7. Doesn't everyone want a 'death glam' bracelet made out of replica human teeth? Or is that just me? Either way, it's definitely a talking point, and I think it's fab - made by Deathany97.
  8. This choker by Roses For Clementine is a thing of beauty. I want this so badly I can't even find words to tell you.
  9. Ever wanted a batwing ceiling fan?! Well, now you can have one! It's by Darkwear Clothing Co. and is actually a very reasonable price. What's not to love?
  10. I clearly need more bizarre and beautiful faerie-esque headwear in my life, since I'm drooling over these satyr horns from noxhyde.
Last but certaintly not least, twelve beautiful outfits from darkly divine ladies and gents all over the internet:
  1. Eden, aka Lady Bone Flower, models a stunning all-white Victorian Gothic ensemble from Retroscope Fashions. This is a back view, but it's still beautiful and ethereal.
  2. This utterly charming ensemble incorporating pink, bats, and polka dots is an everyday outfit for Tumblr icon Pastelbat, a personal style icon of mine whom you can also find on Blogger here.
  3. This outfit has no source, sadly - I found it on somebody's LiveJournal which had a lot of, um, questionable content and I don't think it belonged there. However this is a great outfit, very fun and colourful. I would definitely wear something like this on days when I feel like giving the all-black schtick a break. (If this is you, please let me know so that I can credit and link you properly!)
  4. Blogger Mystral looks amazing in this post!
  5. I found this charming ensemble on Tumblr via Macabre Phantasm; it's completely perfect in every way.
  6. One of my biggest inspirations at the moment is the outfit that Tumblogger Alice Dollhouse wore to a Christmas Fair.
  7. I adore everything created by the prodigious mastermind(s?) that is/are Bibian Blue, and this lace-trimmed, exquisite dream of an outfit is certainly no exception.
  8. This couple are perfectly turned out; I especially love what the gentleman is wearing. A very decorative pair!
  9. Another exceptionally well-dressed couple. His feathers and her make-up steal the show for me.
  10. Countess Grotesque always looks phenomenal. I particularly like this haircut.
  11. What is it with well-dressed couples? I've seen this pair photographed by Viona, I think his tie is gorgeous and they look fantastic together.
  12. I really love this tribal-esque-meets-trad look!


Katherine :) said...

Yay ^_^ I love looking at people's outfits :)

Your blog is brilliant, Amy :)

xToxicTears said...

Bah, a few friends in the states told me that the filigree bat necklace was actually being sold in walmart or about $3, so a bit of a rip off on etsy.D;

Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations said...

You've given me enough links to spend a few more hours lost on the internet! Cheers!

Faery Jay said...

Eeee! I love linkies! This post has enough material to keep me occupied for quite a while. =P

StilettoWhore said...

Thanks for the Etsy link to the knitted booties, we have a little thing due in May that'll need something to keep it's feet warm

Chloris said...

Ohh I love these round-up posts! I discover so many wonderful new things through them. Thanks Amy!

I must say I love the Tribal-Trad mashup outfit. I really like when two looks converge in a kickass harmony.

Dalestair Kidd said...


Though I think I killed my internet opening every link at once. oops.

The HouseCat said...

Thankyou very much for linking to my post. *blush*

Allison Paige Eckfeldt said...

Omigoodness Amy!! Thank you so much for linking me. :) You totally made my day with your sweet comments. by the way today I'll send you a picture of your halloween sweater on facebook so you can see it. It's so cute! I'm so stoked to get it over to you!

Nicole A. said...

I love the links on the gothy items. I am looking into the bat wing fan blades though. Seems as if a good thing can't stay with the original inventor :/

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

I love the way you've formatted this new feature. Especially the special section for craftworks and of course, the beautiful outfits. So much delicious inspiration, all in one handy place!

And thank you for including me on such a quality list of posts. I am honored!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great post! So many pretty outfits!

Joules said...

In regards to your recommending Dear Violetta's post...

She's wrong, in multiple ways. I would name them and use my experience as a black goth but instead I'll just point out the easiest to verify. She's grossly underestimated the black population of America by 11%. She's taken us from being the second largest minority (of which there a good deal of goths, I've seen them) to the third smallest third only to Native Hawaiians and American Indians. You know, the races so rare you have to go to specific states that don't have Hot Topics or malls to find them.

You know, I should just do a post negating all the "There are no black goths!" posts out there because every time I walk into a mall I see a black baby bat checking out my boots.

Mistress Mystral said...

I was so amazed when I noticed a link to my blog. Wou! Thank you very much. You made me smile :) And I love your blog too!

Darling Violetta said...

Thank you so VERY much for linking me again! I feel completely honored. *blushes* :D

@Jools: About that percentage thing, it was a typo. Thank you for pointing that out to me so that I can change it.

I'm also glad (and a bit jealous) that you have found many black goths and punks where you're at. However, from my experience in my area attending gigs where goths and punks gather there aren't many black folks in the goth and punk scene. And, I've talked to a few friends of mine who live in Atlanta that can attest to this where they live as well (shocking as this IS Atlanta we're talking about). Also, I never said there are NO black goths. I said there aren't many. Which I've found is most definitely true in many different places. You're most definitely in the minority here. Although you should get the word out that your city is where the majority of us black goths and punks are so that the rest of us can come visit. ;)

I highly recommend that you go read Shotgun Seamstress's blog. She's a black punk who talks frequently on her experiences being one of few black punks in her scene. As well, make sure to read Nia King's zine (which can be found online) titled "The First 7 Inch Was the Better: How I Became an Ex-Punk". She was apart of the scene for many years before leaving it (for various reasons one of which was racial). Her observations are both relatable and eye opening. I hope you enjoy it! :)

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