Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Outfit post: New hurr and pants of doom

I didn't make any official New Year's resolutions this year because I suck at them, however having said that I have joined BatFit, started giving myself more beauty treatments and mini-makeovers and have vowed to sort out my biggest wardrobe crisis.

What's that, you might ask. Well, my wardrobe (or rather, floordrobe) is enormous, but it contains such a baffling mix of things that fit, things that don't, things that only work with certain other things, things I can only wear in certain weather, things I can only wear in a certain mood and things that I'm not sure why I own them and things I can't bear to live without that often in the mornings I give up trying to pull together a decent outfit and pull on black skinnies and the nearest clean T-shirt. This is because I tend to buy based on three criteria - it's cheap, it's black, it 'looks Goth', or some combination of the above. Not all the time, but mostly.

So my not-a-new-year's-resolution was to start buying things BECAUSE I LIKE THEM. Or because I can imagine wearing them with a lot of things I already own. To this end I started a bit of a 'scrapbook' on the computer, and discovered that I like a bewildering array of styles, including Goth (obviously), punk, hipster Goth (aka nu-Goth), boho, Lolita, gyaru, decora, mori girl, casual steampunk, rave and many myriad sub-styles within those style sets. So yes, my wardrobe is beginning to look a little schizo, when I'm using images as diverse as this, this, this, this, and this for inspiration. But I like it, and it's 100% me. ^^

Why this long, rambling block of text on an outfit post? Well, mainly, to explain these pants:

(Nooo, this outfit looks nothing like any of the photos I linked to above!)

Oh yes, and I dip-dyed my hair green!
Pants of doom: ...mooch, £25
T-shirt: TK Maxx, £15 (it glows in the dark!)
Wristbands: Topshop sale, £3.50
Bracelets: British Heart Foundation, £2.99
Necklace: charity shop, £2.50


Hexotica said...

Those are some pretty different styles you are inspired by! I liked the casual one best!
Those harem pants look super cute on you! I'd wear harem pants if I were a smaller size.

Julietslace said...

Hahah I understand your wardrobe issues, I actually have jeans specifically for "fat" days. It's just silly really.

The HouseCat said...

I did that to my wardrobe just before I moved, and ended up giving a lot of stuff from my teen days, back when I was smaller and hadn't grown curves, to smaller gothic friends, and all the old steampunk and boho stuff to charity. While it's always nice to give stuff away, I now regret not having e-bayed a lot of the nicer clothes.

Anonymous said...

Ooo, I love harem pants and hippy skirts! The velvet on them tends to be super plush and the colors are always deep and vibrant. The lighter weight versions are awesome for the summer heat and hopping around the beach, etc. during the warm months.

You should wear the clothes, the clothes shouldn't wear you. Once you start looking at things because you like them you'll find that they will easily fit into your wardrobe. Your core tastes are the same. how they transpire into your wardrobe should be inspirational and fun, not limiting and binding.

BellaDonna said...

I'm DROOLING over that T-shirt... and I know what you mean, I have the same problem with things that don't "go with" anything else in my wardrobe, or only go with one or two things. So I'm working on this as well.

Cassandra said...

I need to find an article of clothing that can be labeled "... of doom"! I'm envious!

GothPocket said...

Aww:) what IS your original hair color anyway?

Under_The_Stairs said...

Cant say I've ever really had that wardrobe problem.Whenever I shop I'm downright paranoid that what I buy isnt going to match with the rest of my clothing,so I'm always carefull.

Nina Wum said...

there's nothing wrong with having ecclectic tastes - in fact, it's a perfect excuse for Owning A Lot Of Clothes (a consistent style can be achieved by building a "capsule wardrobe" of versatile staples, while the inconsistent one...can't.) :D
I think this kind of approach is more fun anyway.
I have lots of frills and lace in my closet, but also a surprising amount of clothes that would look better on Lisbeth Salander (stark, simple, androgynous, You get the idea.) I'm not throwing them away any time soon.
Also, I've noticed one regularity in Your choices: You seem to prefer candy pastels over traditional Goth blacks. That's a starting point. Have a lot of joy expanding Your style!

Lots of love,



Amanda J said...

I need a complete wardrobe overhaul! Like you I have eclectic tastes, but I've ended up with a lot of separate pieces that don't work well together, not to mention a few "what was I THINKING when I bought this?!" items. It's so hard to decide on a look sometimes when you like different styles on different days. Your outfits always look cute though! Love the hair btw!

LovleAnjel said...

You do have a lot of explaining to do about those pants.

Lolitadewdrop said...

Wow that is a lot of different styles. I can relate to that some what though. I love those pants! They are really cool! :)

linnea-maria said...

I think there is nothing wrong with having a lot of styles, because I'm like that myself :). I have my everyday comfortable clothes and I have my goth clothes and my strong obsession with vintage clothes (I have a huge wardrobe). My devastating tip for you; Dont throw anything unless you hate it! I can still put on my babybat clothes from the end of the 80's (many of them are modern now).

Rora Monroe said...

I'm just like you my closet is full of different styles of clothing, it has multi-personality dissorder lol. I find it funny that we like the same styles, its nice to know that I'm not the only one witha s skitzo closet

Anonymous said...

I so understand! I was just think that my style goes from casual Goth to RomantiGoth to Punk! I have to dig around to find things that go together, and it's just a big mess... Talk about eclectic... ;D

Ghoulina Bones said...

I, like many, completely understand your wardrobe woes.
I'm in the process of packing to move to Boston (WAAAY far from where I currently live), and therefore i've actually been looking at my clothes.
I have so much stuff that I forgot I had, then stuff that I know I won't ever wear again, and some stuff i'm undecided on.
It's ridiculous!
I feel like I need an entire walk in closet in order to remember most of the clothes I actually own!
I usually stick with a more post-punk, deathrock look.
So i'm not sure why I own so many romatic flowy skirts...

KatSaw said...

I hope you succeed in creating the wardrobe of dreams~

Sabarae said...

I'm also revamping my style and I love the fact that not only do I also have a computer scrapbook FULL of different styles, but that we are both interested in a lot of the same styles! I'm a huge fan of japanese alternative fashions. I'm such a sucker for pastels (a la fairy kei) that I'm trying very hard to figure out a proper medium between that and goth... which is proving to be difficult.

I love poofy pants, but I find that they work best with either a fancy belly shirt. Perhaps a deathrocker-esque top and a matching maxi skirt with the front pinned up to show off the pants? =)

Good luck!

Snowhyte said...

I too have a difficulty with a multitude of random things in my wardrobe and many various inspirations that somehow I haven't quite made meld together just right... I'm working on that in this new year as well! :)

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