Sunday, 15 January 2012

Spotlight on: Katie Metcalfe

Katie Metcalfe is a Goth girl who has suffered from the eating disorder anorexia nervosa; like many of us she has a passion for writing and I happened to pick up her book Anorexia: A Stranger In The Family in my local library.

Katie is honest and direct, even when analysing her own thoughts and behaviour, and clearly a talented writer. Now an adult, she is a published poet as well as an author, and her book Anorexia has been made into a play ('Pretty Ugly'  by Geoff Lawson) and is currently being made into a film. Katie's written works have also made it into alternative magazines including Alt Fashion and Bizarre, and she has appeared on many TV programmes including The Sharon Osbourne Show.

When Googling Katie so I could feature her as my spotlight, I was delighted to discover that she is a fellow blogger! You can find her on Wordpress here.

Katie's blog reveals that like many eating disorder sufferers, she still struggles at times with behaviours associated with her illness, but she has gone on to become a patron for the South Yorkshire Eating Disorders Associaton and has even featured in a video for the NHS (what lovely hair she has!) speaking out about anorexia.

Katie is also the editor of Beautiful Scruffiness magazine, which publishes the creations of writers, artists and poets from all over the world. Without wishing to be to cheesy it's the kind of zine you could describe as a work of heart, helping up-and-coming creative types get noticed and sharing beautiful things with the world at large - a truly worthwhile project driven largely by passion.

I've featured Katie in this Spotlight post because I think she is, simply put, an inspirational woman - I'm sure you will agree.


The Irish Phantom Cat said...

I hadn't heard of this lady before, thank you for sharing. She is most definitely inspiring. I will have to hunt down her book. x

Anonymous said...

I went to uni with her and her boyfriend. She was not what I would call a particularly nice person.

Alexandriaweb said...

What a brave woman :)

Jessie Aaker said...

I would really like to read her books. I've had eating disorders, including anorexia, for a good deal of my life. And it's not something that easy to explain in a way that others understand like you can most mental illnesses. And you can't take a pill that will make all the problems go away, so still many specialists are still clueless on how to handle it. It's also an experience that's hard to share with others, but through sharing her story she's helping a lot of others with eating disorders understand that they're not alone. And also help family of the individual since they tend to focus so much an the physical symptoms that they forget it's the behavior patterns and feelings and all these things going on in your head that causes the illness.

Darling Violetta said...

What an amazing girl! Anorexia is a terrible disease. I have had friends who struggle with it. They even live in fear of telling others about their past struggles with it for fear of being judged or mocked. I get REALLY angry when people say, "well, why don't they just GET over it". As if Anorexia is just some sort of bad dream you can just wish away.

I hope she keeps on keepin' on! :)

Stefanie said...

Interesting spotlight. I'll have to track down her book.

I don't know if it's because I had a friend in school who was anorexic and bulimic (and slightly unusually a guy, it came from him being in a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy and gaining weight) but I've long been fascinated with the psychological aspect of eating disorders along with self-harm.

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