Friday, 10 February 2012

February linksplosion: a dark Valentine

Scarlet's Remains
Themed linksplosion! But firstly, before we get onto the V-day gifts I'd be drooling over (hint hint ;-)), I've got a massive backlog of amazing posts in my favourites at the moment. Everyone on Blogger has been outdoing themselves lately! So here goes... my seven favourite blog posts this month!
  1. Sabarae has a great series on her blog The Fairly Odd Maiden, entitled Stereotypically Gawth!. One of her recent posts in this series covered the topic of Dressing Down, and I'm sure it will strike a chord with many of you as it did with me.
  2. akumaxkami does not pull her punches, and I had a bit of a guilty laugh at her compilation of the web's Worst Goth Make-Up Tutorials. Ever. Although I will never stop having a soft spot for green lipstick and am still hunting for the perfect emerald shade. >.<
  3. Dani DeathBiscuit's brand new blog Confessions of an Australian Goth boasts this most excellent post about Tips for Babybats. I laughed and cringed in turn as I spotted a few oopses I've been guilty of myself... oh, and a wild ME appears in there somewhere too. ;-)
  4. Cody kicks ass. You may remember that in a recent post I was flailing about wondering what to do with the purple harem pants I bought on a whim. Well, Cody has the answers, in her latest post, aptly entitled, Make it Work - Harem Pants.
  5. Boots raises a snarky eyebrow at the sudden obsession, both alternative and mainstream, with the Alice in Wonderland trend, in her post Alice in Wonderland vs. The Alternatives.
  6. I have been reading through the archives of The Everyday Goth, my latest blog addiction, and was thoroughly delighted by this lovely post: Must Have: 25 Things A Goth Needs. Warm, very accurate, and packed to the brim with helpful advice!
  7. The Official Blog of Illamasqua has a fabulous make-up tutorial showing readers and make-up addicts how to create a striking dark look using their Sophie-I collection, proceeds from which help support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.
Now, here are my ten Etsy picks for the month, on the theme of A Dark Valentine. I hear that my Valentine's gift has already been picked out, so I may treat myself to some of these little beauties. ;-)
  1. Necrosarium brings us this beautiful Gothic Rosarium ring. Utterly stunning! In fact, anything from the Necrosarium shop would make a lovely Valentine's gift for the Gothically-inclined girl - you're welcome for the heads-up, Gothy guys. ;-)
  2. Ironically, considering Boots's above-linked post, I'm fond of this Queen of Hearts Drink Me necklace by EsaNany.
  3. Nothing says romance like a bangle hand-stamped with lyrics from The Cure, especially when the lyric happens to be, "However far away, I will always love you," from, you guessed it, Lovesong. Such a gift is available from Lolasjewels.
  4. This gorgeous Til Death Cameo Necklace from VonErickson is sure to melt even the coldest of black hearts.
  5. Creepy girls or morbid gents could be equally charmed by this darkly witty 'I Dig You The Most' shovel necklace from SKAIOR.
  6. Treat your zombie Valentine to this cute alternative card from Agorables. Who says romance is dead?
  7. Long-distance relationship? Send your loved one this charming 'Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder' locket for a Victoriana Valentine from LunarraStar.
  8. Zen and Coffee's designs are always the prettiest! For Valentine's Day I'd wear these elegant Carmilla's Masque glovelets.
  9. What about a lovely Skulls and Kisses Valentine's set from Dem Bones? Skull-shaped sugar cubes and chocolate kisses, perfect if your loved one likes nothing more than a cup of tea and a chocolatey snack (heaven...).
  10. No Valentine? No problem. Treat yourself to a little TLC and buy yourself an astonishing headpiece from Bubbles and Frown. (The word you're looking for is 'whoa!')

Lastly, twelve inspiring outfits! Slightly easier to source this month, as I now have a Tumblr account, which gives me a great online scrapbook where I can reblog pretty and wonderful things and come back to them at a later date...
  1. I love most outfits incorporating white, a very big tip of the top hat to this beautiful lady for adding stripes and a deathhawk as well. (Reblogged from Goth Underground.)
  2. On the topic of stripes, Joji Grey of Stars In the Gutter looks amazing as usual in this outfit. (Reblogged from Stars in the Gutter, of course.)
  3. The perfect use of pink! Becky Zombified has many lovely outfits but I like this one the best for the pink lipstick and the adorable ribcage necklace. (Reblogged from Becky Zombified.)
  4. SpookyBat looks incredible in a casual outfit. I am especially loving the hair. (Reblogged from Journey of a BabyBat.) 
  5. Chun-Zi is one of my latest style crushes. As well as being intolerably gorgeous and having fantastic hair, the woman knows how to dress. (Reblogged from Journey of a BabyBat.)
  6. I would happily buy and wear this entire outfit, right down to the ripped stockings. (Reblogged from Style Vomit.)
  7. At the other end of the scale, I love the design on this extremely elegant Moitie dress. (Reblogged from A Mortuary of Melancholy.)
  8. This is a very simple but elegant outfit; I love the corset (I believe it's from Louise Black?) and her hair is beautiful too. (Reblogged from Dead Girls Have More Fun.)
  9. This skirt from Rose Mortem? So. Much. Want. (Reblogged from Adventures in a Clockwork World.)
  10. Some unbelieveably epic hair and make-up going on in this photo. (Reblogged from Becky Zombified.)
  11. Melora Creager of Rasputina pulls off a grungy look. (Reblogged from Lace Wrapped Wounds.)
  12. I love the blue-haired girl's tight-wrapped boots and the gentleman rocking his shiny pants (and stripes, again) in this photo. (Reblogged from Goth Underground.)


Minakitty (Mary) said...

Goth Underground really seems like the best place for over-the-top eye candy, doesn't it? I myself probably wouldn't create a simply fashion related Tumblr because I'd probably just keep reblogging their posts!

BellaDonna said...

I've also got that "Till Death" necklace favorited. Good thing he's got more than one listed, or we'd have to fight for it. ;-)

LucretiaLevi said...

I had no idea that you have a tumblr! Now I know what I am going to do tonight ;)!

Mira said...

Some of those outfits are stunning. Revealing my lack of experience here, but how does an American buy motie clothing? Their website only prices things in yen.

App'y said...

I think Chris could just about get away with the Rose Mortem skirt I love it !(No 9) but it’s a long time since I could get into my leather trousers like the guy in No 12

akumaxkami said...

Mira: I don't think the Moitie website ships to the US at all anyways, but you can buy some of their clothing through CDJapan. The prices are still in Yen, just use a currency converter to figure out what you're actually paying.

Anonymous said...

I think I really want a pair of harem pants, now. I've always thought they looked comfy, but I never knew how to wear them, goth or not. Now I have some ideas. Thank you.

Katherine :) said...

Unrelated but

You changed the name? :O It's nice, nice picture too.

Why though? :) It's good either way though.

Better not be anything to do with that hate blog or I'll throw my top hat at the person who made it :P

Amy Asphodel said...

Aw, don't waste your top hat! It's not to do with them, it was a personal decision. I feel it reflects the content of the blog much better. :-)

Katherine :) said...

Oh ok cool ^-^
*Puts top hat down* You're safe for now :P

Oh, It's lovely though either way Amy ^_^ I love it! :)

Dani DeathBiscuit said...

Oh Amy!!!
I was WONDERING how I got over 300 viewers on my tips!!
Hahahaha :3 oh you.. x

Mary Rose said...

Thank you for mentioning my blog! I very much love yours and am flattered that you like mine as well. :D

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