Monday, 27 February 2012

February talent spotlight

I have received a few emails from musicians, designers and promoters who would like you guys to check out their work; I thought it was about time I shared them with you. I hope you will find something here that you enjoy.

Lyncelia are from Paris and describe their style as ColdWave/Gothic Music principally influenced by bands like The Cure, Clan of Xymox and the Sisters of Mercy (amongst many others like Paradise Lost, Client, My Dying Bride...). Their first album, released in 2010 and entitled Lovelorn, is available for free download on Bandcamp here.

Covered Faces is a new 'Electro-Death-Punk' project from Basque Country musician, programmer and producer, Pablo Lázaro Vidal (a.k.a "Peibol"), who describes the main influences on the project as classical horror films, road movies & video game music. The first Covered Faces release, Lobiep, a five-track EP, has been released on the Zorch Factory record label and features collaborations with  Jessica White (Violet Tremors) and Sophie Nadaud (Madame B). You can download a medium resolution version of the release for free at the Zorch Factory website here.
Dark Arc is a black comedy film project featuring the talents of Sarah Strange ("White Noise"), Kurt Max Runte ("X-Men", "Battlestar Gallactica",) and Dan Zukovic (director and star of the cult comedy "The Last Big Thing"). Featuring the glam/punk tunes "Dark Fruition", "Ire and Angst" and "F.ByronFitzBaudelaire", and a dark orchestral score by Neil Burnett, the film has recently been released on DVD through Vanguard Cinema and is currently debuting on Cable Video On Demand. You can see a trailer for Dark Arc on YouTube here.

Lavolta Press has just published two new books about historic fashion that may be of interest to some of you. The books are entitled Bustle Fashions 1885–1887: 41 Patterns with Fashion Plates and Suggestions for Adaptation and Directoire Revival Fashions 1888–1889: 57 Patterns with Fashion Plates and Suggestions for Adaptation. Each book contains practical patterns for a middle-class woman's wardrobe, from undergarments, through multi-part ensembles, to outerwear. Bustle Fashions 1885–1887 focuses on what is commonly thought of as the "big bustle" period. The Directoire Revival silhouette is narrower, and it imitates the fashions of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. However, both books are similarly organized. Each pattern is accompanied by a fashion plate and instructions. Each book is a self-contained resource for everyone who reproduces period garments, whether for theater, movies, living history, Old West events, or dolls. Steampunk and goth enthusiasts will find ample material on which to base their creations. You can order the books by sending a cheque or money order to Lavolta Press at 20 Meadowbrook Drive, San Francisco, CA 94132.

RADHA DUMRA is a new surrealism-inspired anti-trend fashion label, whose designer says, "Black takes center stage in my collection with new colors added every season. The clothes are designed exclusively for those who are nonconformist, bold, proud and in control. RADHA DUMRA is successfully being sold through independent boutiques in London as well as online stores like NOT JUST A LABEL. The brand is gaining more and more visibility, in fact some of the pieces from the current collection were picked up by Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar and will be featured in their Editor's Pick section." You can see the collection on Facebook here and purchase from eBay here.
CateGORY M.E. is the creation of alternative model Saphire Rainforest. Currently available on StoreEnvy and Etsy, her jewellery designs feature spiderwebs, coffins and black roses. Saphire is offering discounts to models and is happy to talk about custom designs.


BallerinaDark said...

I'll surely check these artists out :) I love discovering new music!



Abigail said...

This book sounds interesting :)

Bored_Homeschooler said...

Covered Faces sounds nice,can't believe I have not heard of them up until now.

Dalestair Kidd said...

I'm listening to Covered Faces now. Pretty awesome. The only problem I had was that the file is a RAR and it took me ages to work out how to open it and what to open it with.

Downloading Lovelorn as I type. :3

Anonymous said...

I've downloaded Covered Faces the now. I'll check it out and see if I like it :) Thanks for the link, Amy. How kind of you...

Nightwind said...

I just checked out Lyncelia and think that the Cold Wave/Gothic description of their music is pretty right on. I like them and am glad to know that there are still some bands out there that are keeping up the tradition while making it their own.

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