Wednesday, 7 March 2012

BatFit (catchup!) Challenge 4

So the fourth challenge for Le Professeur Gothique's BatFit is to be good to yourself.

Le Professeur says, "You absolutely must try to forgive yourself. You can't be super critical of yourself, your work and what you do. And you need to cut yourself some slack and be proactive in your life. You also need to celebrate yourself and the good stuff that you do everyday. And you must do something FOR YOURSELF once a day."

At first I thought that doing something for myself daily sounded simple, but depending on your mindset it may not be as easy as it sounds. Nowadays it's almost expected for people, especially women, to set time (and money) aside for 'pampering' - facials, manicures, hairdressers, etc. - but it seems to me that often these 'treats' are often more about keeping up with the Joneses than actually making some time to do something nice for oneself. (Not in every case, of course!)

I do like to buy myself little (or not so little!) gifts every week; and for special occasions such as my birthday I do tend to splurge on things I could never usually afford, like the McQueen scarf I currently have my eye on. But being good to myself probably shouldn't include getting myself into debt, so I might reel in on the spending for a while.

So, in the spirit of BatFit, I made a little list of some of the ways I can be good to myself without overspending.
Laugh more.
  • borrow a good book from the library
  • work a bit more on my next novel (previous novel was written in a fortnight. This one has taken a year and a half so far. Go figure.)
  • go for a walk in the sunshine
  • go window-shopping or thrifting
  • work on a design for next tattoo
  • take some photos
  • write in my journal
  • listen to some music / dance
  • make a pretty, healthy meal or snack
  • bake some cookies
  • turn my childhood playhouse into a writing den (I have been itching to do this for months but I'm sure there are spiders aplenty in there *shudders*)
  • record a video
  • seek out some new music
  • dress up just because
  • go somewhere new
  • eat lunch al fresco
These are only a few ideas - I'm sure I will come up with plenty more. :-) Thanks Madame Professeur!


Le Professeur Gothique said...

Aw, your welcome darling! (((HUGS))) from NYC!

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