Wednesday, 28 March 2012

'Goth yourself'

Apologies for the mini-post, I don't usually do this but I just stumbled across this on Facebook and HAD to share it pronto. You may already be aware of the upcoming movie This Must Be The Place, in which Sean Penn stars as an ageing Goth rock star. If not, voila, trailer:

On the Facebook page for This Must Be The Place, you are encouraged to 'Goth yourself' by uploading a picture and going crazy with virtual make-up, hairstyles and accessories. I can't decide whether this is more ridiculous or hilarious, but, well, you know you want to.

Goth yourself here.


Daniel_8964 said...

I've seen this trailer before and its looks like a okay movie. Sean Penn as a Robert Smith esque rock star. :D

Anonymous said...

Uh... huh.
I just looked this up on IMDB and they listed it as drama/comedy... honestly, that bothers me a bit.
Maybe I'm just oversensitive, but I don't think that the holocaust has a place in any sort of comedy. Just my opinion.

Sophie said...

hehe mine had a kinda 'alice cooper's fallen through a shredder' vibe... i think it's a good look for me :')

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