Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Happy Goths

I like to think I'm a happy person. Sure, I have down days, bad days, fat days, bad hair days, grumpy days and why-bother days like everyone else but on the whole I'd say I'm fairly optimistic, upbeat and cheerful. It's not always easy. Sometimes things seem to conspire to try to put a downer on me, and sometimes other people can say and do things, intentionally or unintentionally, that hurt. But keeping a smile on your face and looking for the positive side can sometimes make the bad days a little brighter and the best days even better, which is why I keep on trying.

Unfortunately, being a sunny and enthusiastic person can seem to bring out the worst in other people. From the little things - people assuming that the smiley shop girl must be fundamentally stupid (I'm happy, not dumb) - to the bigger ones - people who think that the way to deal with a happy person is to try and bring them down - there is a sizeable proportion of the human race that seems weirdly opposed to happiness and cheery behaviour in others.

A joyful outlook really shouldn't be frowned upon. No, not even amongst Goths! My automatic response when making eye contact with another person is to smile; you'd be surprised at the amount of unkind comments and lairy chavs that have been derailed by a megawatt cheesy smile from the girl with the frilly petticoat and spikey boots. A smile is all the better when it's unexpected.
Even if you're not a naturally optimistic person, I'm sure you know your own joys and pleasures, from a good book to a soothing bubble bath, a new top hat or your favourite old comfy boots. A walk in the park on a blustery day; when your eyeliner goes on just right; Friday I'm In Love on the radio. You get the picture.

This video never fails to make me smile... Industrial-dancing Goths strutting their stuff to the sound of... Dutch polka.

Maybe it isn't 'realistic' to be optimistic. But it doesn't make you stupid, or naive, and it shouldn't be a reason for other people - jealous people - to lash out at you. Remember that these people are only threatened by your sunny smile and cheery demeanour because they're missing something from their own lives. Don't get mad, don't get sad - keep smiling.

Whether you're a bubbly perkygoth by nature or a more cynical type, I challenge you today to do at least one thing that you really enjoy, that puts a smile on your face. Why? Because you can. :-)


Dirgesinger said...

Girl, that video made me madly laughing! My husband came from the other room asking if I went completely insane:P:P:P

Regina Z. said...

I think I busted my spleen watching that video. Hilarious!

As for this:
I challenge you today to do at least one thing that you really enjoy, that puts a smile on your face.
Challenge accepted! ;)

What a lovely post! ♥

Alexandriaweb said...

Goths are some of the happiest people I know :)

Daniel_8964 said...

Hilarious video that was and helps to make you calm and happy. Thanks for showing that, Amy. :) However I'm naturally quiet and peaceful and I'm perky in my own way and I also have bad hair days, moody, gloomy and depressing days and boredom days like you.

sarROAR said...

Yes, I agree. That was a really nice post :)
And that video made me laugh so much XD Haha.

BellaDonna said...

Oh, I NEEDED that video this morning!! Totally hysterical, yet... satisfying! Thanks for a great (as usual) post.

Malice said...

My favourite part of that video was people walking by the dancers into a shoppe like it was a total every-day thing. I'd adore living some place where random groups of industrial dancers was an every-day thing. xD

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

"Don't get mad, don't get sad - keep smiling."

*Ellen McLain voice* don't make lemonade...

I could have used this video this morning. I'm pretty miserable. Staying inside of everyone's way. x3

Hexotica said...

I'm a pretty happy person generally, but I'm not overly perky or cheerful most of the time. I use to be super shy, so I feel like I understand that the thing with people bringing cheerful down is mostly unconscious; I don't believe most people are aware how they come across and how the perky person is making a kind of 'gift' of happiness to them, as I use to be unaware of how my shyness brought people down. I also think it is more socially intelligent to match your mood to someone else's most of the time rather than be annoyingly over-perky, then slowly lift that person's mood if they are down. It would be rude to be so cheerful around everyone that you ignore others' moods--a thing I find many Americans are guilty of compared to people in other countries. They mean well, but it makes foreigners think Americans are naive. (btw, I am American, if someone wonders!)

Grissino said...

I'm not goth (just cyber ;-) ) but I read your posts every day. This post is one of the best you ever made

The video... lol, let me just say... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

CatacombKitten said...

Such a lovely post! I have too much experience with people trying to bring someone down because they're happy. Those people that can always find something to be pessimistic about, they're so frustrating. I'm not always the most optimistic person ever, but I don't try to find something negative in every single situations.

Paxxy Fettel said...

As much of a hateful person I am, I always have a smile and a joke, no matter how crude it may be.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
I ran over your chicken. By the way, mom said we're having KFC tonight.

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