Tuesday, 20 March 2012

March linksplosion!


To begin with, let's have a look at seven great posts from around the blogosphere:
  1. In December, Darling Violetta wrote this post with the attention-grabbing header, "Goth is a phase". But don't panic - this is an interesting take on the number-one woe of young Goths everywhere ("everyone thinks it's a phase!"), reminding us that growing up and changing is not necessarily a bad thing.
  2. Another of my favourite bloggers, The HouseCat, always pens incredibly insightful posts, and an offering from February entitled Goth, Subcultures, and Middle-Class Rebellion is a perfect example of why her blog, Domesticated, is such a must-read.
  3. I'm sure many of you are as excited as I am about film-project-in-progress My Summer As A Goth! Mary Rose at The Everyday Goth has posted her own thoughts on the project, as well as sharing with us a test scene from the film! You may have already seen the delightful Gothy-makeover scene, but if not, I highly encourage you to go and have a look.
  4. An outfit dump post from PastelBat at Carousel Dreams includes some of the most inventive, colourful and thoroughly spookycute outfits I've seen this month! I love this lady's style! My favourite is the outfit with the aqua wig and black lipstick.
  5. Tenebris in Lux of Never-Ending: Playlist of a Psycho loves her some music (she works in radio, so this is not a huge surprise), and recently came up trumps with a post discussing what she refers to as the 'strays' of Goth music, covering other genres that many Goths are likely to enjoy listening to and why it's OK to experiment outside the realm of specifically Gothic music.
  6. Juliet's Lace has so many lovely posts that it can be difficult to pick which to feature in each linksplosion, but I can't resist sharing with you this quintessentially Juliet post answering some of the most ridiculous yet frequently asked questions about the Goth scene.
  7. Katelynn at The Life of a Baby Bat addresses some of the concerns that the parents of young Goths are likely to have about Goth dress, and offers tips on how to handle them in a mature way in her post Compromising with the Parents.
Next up, my ten Etsy picks this month:
  1. Let's start with something really eye-popping! This stunning feather headband from Bubbles and Frown has me crossing my fingers and praying for overtime. What an entrance you could make wearing this to the club. Also just the ticket for faerie festivals.
  2. Combining Beetlejuice stripes, octopus tentacles and some lovely lime-green accents, I absolutely adore these tentacle earrings from deceptions.
  3. These coffin rings from AliceDearArts look just lovely in ivory and lavender.
  4. I think that these spinal column earrings from bonejewellery would perfectly accessorise almost any outfit.
  5. I don't know about you, but most of the time I just can't get enough of make-up! Purple lipstick is definitely a staple in my cosmetics bag, and I'm not sure I can resist a shade called Morticia
  6. I may not be the biggest fan of Joy Division out there (although Love Will Tear Us Apart is growing on me) but some of you, I'm sure, will appreciate this Ian Curtis tank top from TheRockerShop.
  7. Give your gift-giving a spooky flair with these lovely vampire bat gift tags from brandywine.
  8. Respirators and goggles are fairly standard accessories for cybergoths, and it can sometimes be hard to find anything a little, well, different, which is why I like this skull respirator from olnat31sun.
  9. Speaking of different, this syringe earring and necklace set from EssemDesign is really unusual and would go with a lot of different styles, although I don't suggest you wear it to work.
  10. Last but not least, I love this skeleton cameo coffin-shaped flask key chain; what a gorgeous gift idea! 
And to end this month's linksplosion, how about twelve inspirational outfits and coordinates from the best-dressed spooksters on the internet?
  1. These two are both beautifully dressed! You may have noticed that I love a well-coordinated couple and this pair look simply amazing! (From Goth Underground.)
  2. You can never have enough pink, and this fabulous lady shows a real dedication with this incredible hair. I'm fairly sure it is fake, but does it really matter when it looks this incredible? (From Fairie Tail.)
  3. I love the elegance of this outfit (and what a beautiful photograph, too!). (From Happy Un-Birthday.)
  4. Ballet pumps and bloomers was a combination that for some reason never occured to me until I saw this photo. (From Mora Wintersoul.)
  5. I really love the use of colour in this make-up! Her hair is just gorgeous too. (From All Things Goth.)
  6. Now THIS is what I call a concert outfit. This ensemble was put together for an Emilie Autumn concert, and I take my hat off to this lady! (From Lydia BatFiend.)
  7. This is another simply mind-blowing outfit; this lady looks like a real fairy gothmother amongst all those feathers. (From Goth Style.)
  8. I can't decide which is more awesome; the pink-and-black striped bustly ensemble or her beautiful hair! (From Sweep The Cobwebs From My Mind.)
  9. Ereshkigal never looks anything less than perfect, so this picture proves no exception. (From Ego-X.)
  10. We're used to well-dressed Gothy couples, but how about a whole family unit? All together now: d'awwwwww! (From American Goth Girl.)
  11. This lady looks incredibly beautiful with a shaven head; another epically-dressed couple. (From Decomposition Dance.)
  12. Kato is flawless, and I do love a white steampunk ensemble. Yummy! (From Mazemind.)
Lastly, I thought I'd add an extra treat to this particular linksplosion. My round-ups have been focusing heavily on fashion, so why not add some music? Here are five free, legal downloads for your audio pleasure:
  1. Devilish Presley - Inside The Haunted House
  2. Plastique Noir - Desire Or Disease
  3. Cryogenica - Stereochrome
  4. T3RROR 3RROR - 3D
  5. Escarlatina Obsessiva - Paranormal


MoraWintersoul said...

D'awww, you linked to my Tumblr :3 I am not the source though, have no idea who the source is.

Anyway, I've been reading your blog since October - I am an avid metalhead, currently contributing to the scene by writing for Metal Storm, with a wish to explore and learn more about all sorts of alternative fashions and subcultures, and your blog has provided me with just that - helpful posts, links to dozens of other blogs and goth shops and other eye candy, as well as shedding light on what the goth subculture is really about.

I've even started listening to some old school goth music because of it, even though before it had never crossed my mind that I'd like it, especially since gothic metal wasn't my particular field of interest up till recently. So props for you for opening my mind to new things! I'll definitely keep on reading.

Katelynn said...

Aww, thanks for linking to my post. :)

Raven said...

Dear Amy,
i am not sure how to tag people on blogger, so im leaving this comment, i hope you don't mind.
Tag, You're It!
Here's the link to the post

Kala Saew said...

Anyone now where i can find a skull shoulder pad thing?

Amy Asphodel said...

I read on Elegant Psychosis's Tumblr that she made the shoulder thing herself.

Kala Saew said...

Challenge accepted.

Stefanie said...

Love the links, especially the woman with the shaved head <3 I'm seriously considering shaving my head for the summer...

The HouseCat said...

Thank-you very much for your kind compliments and for featuring me on your list. *blush*

Stacy said...

OH my! I am replying late! I'm honored to have been linked in your blog :) Thx so much!


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