Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Stuck in a style rut?

I'm sure that many Goths and other aficionados of alternative and unusual fashion have at times found themselves slipping into a bit of a rut. A signature style is one thing, but when you realise you have the same three outfits on rotation you might find things getting a little stale. Here are a few ways to break the mould and revive your passion for your wardrobe.

  • Experiment with colour. Wait, come back! Whilst I know not all of you are colour-phobic, when you're adhering to a Goth look it's easy to forget that there are other colours in the spectrum that can create an equally dramatic look. Especially if you frequently shop in charity shops or thrift stores where clothing is arranged by colour! When rushing, it's easy to glance at the 'black' rail and bypass the rest. Not only might it help to make more time to browse and look out for yummy things in white, purple, red or pretty prints, but you could always challenge yourself by purchasing something in a colour you wouldn't usually wear and making it work with your existing wardrobe. Obviously, choose an item you actually like, or this exercise is pointless! But a pop of colour can bring an outfit to life, and a cream-coloured pillbox hat, pair of pink boots or a scarlet belt might be just what you need to look at your wardrobe in a new way.
  • Mix up your make-up. For a breath of fresh air in your daily style, try doing something different with your face. If your dress-down outfits usually include no more make-up than a hint of concealer and dab of mascara, try dolling up your face Adora BatBrat style. Or if you usually depend on heavy rouge noir lipstick and a tonne of eyeliner, try a vintage-inspired gold eyeshadow and scarlet lipstick. Or go barefaced, if you dare! Different make-up can give a day-to-day outfit a whole new interpretation.
  • Get new inspiration. If you usually ogle Goth blogs on Tumblr for your outfit inspiration, try searching for a different term that interests you. I'm sure there are more 'strands' of alternative fashion that spark your interest? Decora? Fairy kei? Seapunk? 'Pastel Goth'? Mori girl? Whatever it is, try looking it up and see if you can use influences from that style in today's outfit. Try Fuck Yeah Urban Tribes to discover a whole load of styles and subcultures you've never even heard of.
  • Don't stress. You don't need to look 100% perfect every day. If you need to spend a day chilling in your jeans then go for it. Everybody needs a break sometimes.
  • Take inspiration from the mainstream. There are more than a few worthwhile ideas in mainstream media, including a few that I must remember to try, such as mixing prints. You could always try putting a unique Goth or alternative spin on current trends - it may not work but it could be fun! Can you imagine a Goth take on the safari look, for example?
Le me >.<


V said...

I like that oufit Amy, you look pretty! Xxxx :)

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

That is a FANTASTIC outfit. You're a sexy lady. ;3

Excellent advice. I haven't had a style rut in about three years. I think I'm immune. And my clothing and cosmetics variations seem to have it covered. Except now my brain is like, "Make ALL of the cabaret clothing!" and I'm all "lol okay"

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I'm a really big fan of your blog. I have a bit of a dilemma. I'm 11, I'm a Babybat, and I was wondering how I could get my Babydoll Goth Look? I noticed I listen to most of the music (I listen to Ayria, Emilie Autumn, The Birthday Massacre) *I'm listening to The Birthday Massacre, right now as we speak* and sorry if I sound rather childish, but Babydoll Goth suits me perfectly and I fit into that Goth perfectly.

Anyway, I don't really wear skirts, and don't have many, I can't DIY, and I don't have very many 'Babydoll Goth' clothes. Could you also help me with some 'Gothic' jewellery ? Can you please help me? Sorry if I'm a bit annoying.

Thank you, your my idol, thanks Amy, your amazing!

Anonymous said...

If I can, I would like to offer some words of experience. As an "elder goth" (I'm 38), my gateway into the goth scene was through the "Babydoll" look, long before it became a subgenre, around 1988. In my case, it was partly out of necessity, as I was rather petite & because I wanted something "different". I took a bit of inspiration from Wednesday Addams and what I saw children wearing. I actually prefer skirts & dresses, but you can also layer a pair of shorts over a pair of tights with webs, stripes,lace,etc. Also, baby tees or frilly blouse with a pair of pants can work just as well; just stick with a black/dark color scheme. At 11 years old, you really have a great advantage-you can just look for black clothes in your local department store & add accessories (if you live in the US, Target is *amazing*; I've bought my daughter alot of gothy clothes there)! Mary Jane's are great, and again, can be found easily at your age. Boots work well, too, if you can find them in your size.

As for hair, two ponytails or braids/plaits & maybe bangs/fringe with accessories found in any young girls section of a store. Makeup can be kept to a minimum, especially at your age. At most a little black mascara & eyeliner, a bit of dark lipstain & you're done. This time of year is a bit more limiting as far as accessories, but keep on the look out for halloween stuff, and even check out craft stores-you may be surprised with what you *can* DIY!

Again, just look at what young children are wearing and add a dark twist. Just stay away from anything too fetishy or "sexy".

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot-carry a "goth"ed out lunch box, either as a purse or to hold your lunch (either is fine). I hope this helps...

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for your help! I was really struggling for a look, I'll keep everything in mind, thank you so much!

Loupie said...

Something my other half suggested when I bought an eye shadow palette at the weekend was why not challenge yourself to pick three colours at random and try to make them work with each other.

His suggestion was to number them all and use a random number generator, but pulling them out of a hat would work too. It would give you a chance to try stuff you would never have thought of pairing together and seeing how it looks.

will be trying this as soon as I have the time to organise my make up box.

Azrael Mortis said...

i absolutely love your blog!! your outfit is amazing!! could you help with help with fashion advice and blog making?

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