Monday, 9 April 2012

April linksplosion!

April already! My, how time flies...

Rozz Williams
I'm sure you know the drill by now. First, we have seven lovely blog posts for your delectation and delight:
  1. Once again, we start with a post from Darling Violetta! I thoroughly enjoyed her post Internet and the Goth Scene and highly recommend it.
  2. The Everyday Goth has some helpful advice for Goth outfits at college interviews; you could possibly take some of her suggestions for other situations such as job interviews and family events.
  3. To complete the unholy trinity that are dominating my blog round-ups in recent months, we have another great post from the HouseCat, entitled Goth, Sub-Genres and Boundaries. As you all know I have been having some issues regarding the 'Goth' term and how it applies to myself, so this typically thoughtful post was really helpful to me.
  4. My Goth Confessions is a classically hilarious and honest post from the ever-lovely Juliet's Lace.
  5. Lady Julianne has some fabulous advice on How To Avoid Getting Bored with the Way You Dress (this is an old post but worth a read).
  6. The infamous Trystan of This Is CorpGoth brings us a great post about the recurring and oft-complained-about trend for mainstream fashion to borrow from Goth culture in When Subcultures are Co-Opted for Fashion.
  7. Last but not least, at Etiquette and the Victorian Gothic Aesthetic comes a charming post called Non-Club Goths and the People Who Love Them, reminding us that there's more to our scene than what goes on behind the doors of the spooky club.
Second up, we have ten charming creations from the wonderful people at Etsy:
  1. Goth and Geekery brings us these adorably squee-worthy baby bat hairclips. I really, really love these and am definitely going to treat myself sooner or later!
  2. On the theme of bats, STYR has some beautifully simple and elegant antiqued brass bat earrings. So much pretty!
  3. I love this inverted cross belt from DeadlySinners!
  4. One for the gents; how about some darkly decadent silver spider cufflinks from SpotLightJewelry? Tres elegant!
  5. For something really opulent and over-the-top, how about this simply stunning black lace choker from Arthlin? I adore it!
  6. It's such a simple idea, but this detachable collar from Chrisst is really striking.
  7. These fang earrings from PunkrockPinup are funny, cute, and really cheap!
  8. It's a teaspoon necklace! I need this to be in my life like you have no idea. >.< Thank you, gothkaitani!
  9. Don't let the nu-grunge tag on this pretty cross necklace from oOCupcakeOo scare you off, it's cute!
  10. I love this solid lotion from EpicallyEpicSoap - the scent is called Goth Girl. :-)
And finally, to round up this round-up, twelve beautiful and inspiring outfits to bewitch and bedazzle:
  1. This gentleman looks just perfect! An inspired use of fake spiderweb too! (From Goth Beauty.)
  2. I first saw this photo of the lovely Lenore in Dominion Magazine. Her hair and accessories are gorgeous! (From Undead Stars.)
  3. I believe the only word applicable to this photo is 'unf'. This is divine. This woman is a vision. Love it so, so much. (From My Ear Trumpet Has Been Struck By Lightning.)
  4. What a stunning sailor Lolita outfit! (From Nuclear Star.)
  5. I love Adora BatBrat's huge poofy white hair and striped stockings in this photo. (From Goths and Punks.)
  6. What a beautiful, beautiful shade of purple this lady is wearing. (From Goth Underground.)
  7. Antlers, owls, and drapey sleeves - this photoshoot has it all! (From Goth Girls Go To Givenchy.)
  8. Simply put, I think this photo is perfection. I find this SO inspiring. (From Elegant Gloom.)
  9. That is a crown and a half! Note the lady's gorgeous hair and customised boots. (From Goth Beauty.)
  10. Designer Young Bat has an innovative deathrock style and fabulous hair. (From Goth Beauty.)
  11. This is a nice, casual outfit. You could wear it to work, school or college. (From Marie's Cadaver.)
  12. I love white being used as the predominant colour in an outfit. I think this is a lovely photo. (From acid-mementos-sententia.)


Anniek said...

Thanks so much for featuring my hair clips! It's a lovely blog you have here and I'll be back for sure :)
(in case anyone is interested, here's a peek at how I make baby bats: )

Bored_Homeschooler said...

I trust you put a picture of rozz up because the first was the anniversary of his death?...It was kinda awkward, it's the same date of my best friend's birthday.

Nice round of links,if I do say so myself.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sending the links.

Anonymous said...

Ms. amy, i had a question

Do you know of any blogs that talk of the skinhead subculture? I really am interested in finding out morethan what I have already researched. However, i seem to not find anything really. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Min Self said...

Regarding the guest post, an art subject might be lightest and most fun. How about I just email you the article?

Julianne said...

Thank you for including one of my posts <3

Dani DeathBiscuit said...

Etsy!! <3

I actually bought the Ankh belt from DeadlySinners ^___^

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