Tuesday, 17 April 2012

BatFit 2012 Catch-Up!

Challenge 6: Try a New Vegetable or New Vegetable Preparation
"Bat Fit Challenge #6, if you chose to accept it, is to try a new vegetable or a new, HEALTHY cooking method for a current favorite vegetable (NOTE: deep frying DOES NOT count). "

I don't have any pictures for this challenge, but I can tell you that my vegetable of choice was beetroot. It's been a favourite of mine for snacking, soup and salads for many a year, but by chance not long after this challenge was posted, my mum dug up a recipe that we both felt was intriguing - sweet potato with liver, watercress, horseradish sauce and mashed beetroot. Perhaps not to everyone's taste but I have to say it was delicious!

Challenge 7: Conquer Your Fear
"This Challenge, if you chose to accept it, is to do that one thing (or two or three) that scares the crap out of you. We all have fear, it's part of the human makeup. Real courage is to face that fear even though you're terrified. What is it that you are afraid to do? Are you afraid to quit your job to start your own business? Perhaps you're afraid to enroll in college? Or maybe it's a fear of spiders or snakes? Perhaps you're afraid to start something new and foreign to you? Or maybe you have a fear of trying new things?"

I was quite pleased when I saw this challenge because in a way I have already been doing this - you all saw the make-up free snaps recently I assume! Other things that scare me have been a little harder to find; however you may remember from my original BatFit post that I have times when I eat very little. To be entirely honest with you, a few years ago such habits ended up with me being referred to an eating disorders specialist and I have struggled on and off with disordered eating since I was about twelve.

When I say 'on and off' I mean that there are times when I feel more confident and 'in control' of myself and my life and feel comfortable eating more normally, and there are times when I project stress and worry from other areas of my life onto my relationship with food and eat very badly. One of the biggest challenges of BatFit for me has been trying to normalise my relationship with food; accepting that it is simply fuel (although it can be pleasurable) - eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full.

Previously, my times of eating 'normally' have also been somewhat unhealthy, such as eating out of boredom and choosing sweets and chocolates over fruit and veg (resulting in my 'skinny-fat' dilemma as noted in my first BatFit post).

So for 'something that scares me' I chose to try and break some of the bad habits that have become ingrained in me over eight years of poor eating, such as ordering what I actually WANT when eating in a restaurant rather than making sure it's in the 750-cals or less section of the menu. It's a small step, but for the girl who once snapped at a waiter for suggesting the cauliflower cheese (it was a reflex and afterwards I felt awful; I haven't been to that pub since), it's the start of a huge improvement.

Challenge 8: Get Outside
"This week's challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to get your butts OUTSIDE!!! Here in the Northern Hemisphere the weather is finally warming up and in the Southern Hemisphere your summer heat is finally starting to break. It's the perfect time to move your workouts outside or do something fun that will get some fresh air into your bodies. Perhaps go for a long walk or run; maybe a bike ride ... hiking anyone? And of course, let's not forget about gardening! Just don't forget to apply the sunscreen my pale beauties!"

Yesterday, Dan and I arranged to meet after work and walk home together (it's about a forty-minute walk; 2.5 miles approximately). Dan usually rides his bike to work so he still had it with him. I haven't ridden a bike since I was about thirteen; I tend to avoid any physical movement that feels like hard work. But when we got to the village green I couldn't resist having a go. My thighs were killing me after about ten minutes but it was good fun!

Yay for fresh air and pedalling in New Rocks! <3


Anonymous said...

Peddaling in New Rocks is quite an accomplishment! You look great on your bike. :)

Jade Layton said...

I'm amazed at how you rode a bike in new rocks, i cant even walk long distances in mine without getting achey legs! And you've reminded me that I need to start riding my bike.. its just been sitting in the garden doing nothing ha :)

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