Sunday, 15 April 2012

Emilie Autumn, Manchester, 14.4.12: Picspam, part the first

Hello ladies and gents, I hope you are ready for an enormous pic-heavy post about this weekend's escapades in Manchester (guest-starring other members of the bloggerverse, as you shall soon see!). As you know from yesterday's post, I spent Saturday night with my friend Mia in Manchester (a six-hour train journey from my home - now that's dedication), where we headed to see Emilie Autumn on her tour to promote the upcoming album Fight Like A Girl (F.L.A.G.).

I am not the ideal companion for long journeys. I drink too many energy drinks and make birds out of stray napkins.
My blue-haired buddy Mia... doesn't like having her picture taken much.
Firstly, a brief(ish) tangent about our hotel. I am stingy and wanted to book a Premier Inn or something of the sort. But whilst looking on third-party websites, Mia found this:
This is the Palace Hotel. Not only was it on the same street as the train station and the Ritz nightclub where the EA gig was taking place, but it was affordable, and well, looked like this. We ended up taking a whole load of pictures so that we stood a chance of actually convincing our friends that we stayed there.

Me this morning, post-gig. I am not usually a morning person!
Saturday afternoon, on arrival. Mia's partner Craig called me a 'transvestite Beetlejuice' when he saw me at the station in this outfit. I took it as a compliment. ;-)

Goths unpacking! PVC, feathers, and chocolate (of course!)
After many, many "Oh my God!"s, and a brief stint watching the Addams Family on the enormous TV, we got changed ready to meet some friends at the venue.
My Hexotica headpiece <3


Are you ready for my most epic derp of the weekend? This is totally embarrassing - I was really looking forward to meeting the gorgeous Courtney, aka Lady Lovescraft of Beribboned Cupcakes and Tattooed Bats and her husband Adam, and I can tell you that in person she is both stunning and incredibly funny, but in the one picture Adam kindly took of the three of us together, my face, well - this happened:
I know. It's awful. But I will tell you that I am squatting in this photo, because Mia and Courtney are both delightfully petite, and I am definitely not! Rather than tower, I thought I would crouch slightly.

Let's move on from the derpface.

There was a massive queue inside the Ritz to get at Emilie's merchandise (oo-er!) which tragically meant that I couldn't get my hands on one of the handmade necklaces (Mia did, though). I did, however, come away with three T-shirts, a pair of wristbands, a signed poster of Captain Maggot and a bottle of the Blessed Contessa's Feast perfume. £95 the lot so you could hardly call it a bargain, but I was pleased. ^^ (Especially since I now own a shirt that says 'Don't Fuck With Me - I'm A Pirate'.)

I don't know about my glamorous companions, but I had spent my time in the queue doing what I often do - eyeing up other people's outfits. It was a really mixed crowd! Top hats and swirly eyeliner aplenty; but I also spotted some 'mainstream' clubbing-style outfits, a girl in a Hollister hoodie and jeans with Emilie's trademark cheek heart, a nurse outfit, and one or two beautiful steampunk-esque ensembles.

When the house lights dimmed and the opening of 'Best Safety Lies in Fear' began to play, a huge cheer went up from the gathered fans. The Bloody Crumpets appeared one by one, silhouetted behind the huge clock before sashaying onto the stage. Emilie Autumn, in her rat ensemble, was of course the last to appear.
The music segued straight into '4 O'Clock'...

(to be continued!)


Phoenix said...

Your outfit is fantastic, and your derp face delightful :D

Ria said...

I'm suffering from a servere case of boot-envy. (Of course the rest of the outfit is great too.) =)

Anonymous said...

Love your look for the concert! The ruffles are fantastic and it's a rockin' silhouette and whole ensemble, really. ^^

Amy Asphodel said...

D'awww, thank you lovelies! <333

V said...

Amy you are so lucky! I wish I could have gone xxx:)

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Nice outfits, ladies!

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