Sunday, 15 April 2012

Emilie Autumn, Manchester, 14.4.12: Picspam, part the third

Phew! As you can tell I went slightly overboard with the taking of the photos... I just couldn't get enough of the sparkly costumes and Emilie's gorgeous new hair (which I'm presuming is a hairpiece). Although Emilie's next outfit was not half as glamorous:

For Girls! Girls! Girls!, Emilie and the Crumpets performed a sarky routine in which Emilie, as a bloke, attempted to sell his 'girls' to the audience.

This was a really fun and interesting addition to the show, although I really can't imagine that a song featuring the words 'lesbianation' and 'masturbation' went down well on Fox News at nine in the morning.

Next up we had the intro to what EA fans will know as The Rat Game, where Veronica chooses one lady fan to be escorted onto stage and enthusiastically made out with. But first, of course, she has to kiss EA, who 'reveals' herself as a girl:



Anyway, the young lady invited on the stage to get a kiss from Veronica was named Wolfie, and I have to say she was oddly familiar. Wolfie, have we met? I have to say, it looked like one hell of a kiss. *fans self furiously*

Following the Rat Game, EA stormed through the rest of the set list. There was much fist-pumping and marching and also a few more melancholic moments during the slower, sadder songs like Gaslight.

Then we had the formal bows and round of applause for each Crumpet. As if we really believed there weren't going to be any encores. ;-)

As predicted, after the foursome trooped off stage, the screams of the audience brought Emilie back for another song or two (we had Mad Girl and Thank God I'm Pretty); but first she perched herself elegantly on the bars and did a little speech about how her fans, the Plague Rats, are the closest thing she has to a family; how individuality of thought and expression can make us dangerous as the Asylum Army, and how if you put the 'rat claw' hands together, it makes a little heart. Aw. :-)
The Crumpets returned to the stage during the encores, and of course there was time for one last round of sword-waving, tea-spitting, biscuit-throwing mayhem before the lights went up and the show really was over.
As we were leaving after a thoroughly enjoyable night, I met this lovely lady, who is a blog reader who recognised me and was utterly charming enough to come and say hello! I think I might adore you a teensy bit. <3 (I have an email address, hint hint:
We took a photo together in which I once again managed to derp terrifically (and Mia lurked in the background... and we got photobombed by a very serious-looking person there. Gosh.). I loved the outfit!
Emily, aka x-akurei, and moi
Speaking of outfits, here's a bonus photo that I actually forgot that I took - me in my 'away with the fairies' PJs back at the hotel ;-)
I had such a fantastic night, the show was fantastic and it was great to meet such lovely people! <3 I hope everyone else at the gig had as good a time as I did. :-DD Apologies for this enormous picspam!


BellaDonna said...

Thanks for all three posts!! I'm an EA fan also, but missed her last appearance here in California on 2 Feb as I didn't find out about it until the last minute! Your pics and commentary are outstanding, as usual. :-) And I don't think the pics of you are horrible, you don't do yourself justice!

x-akurei said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that "Wolfie" looked familiar!

Phoenix said...

That show looks like so much fun. Oh to make out with EA!

jurassicgoth said...

I was there too! My friends were already ensconced on the balcony when we arrived and as we had no chance of getting near the front without getting completely squished, we watched most of the show from up there. We got a great view but my pictures aren't as good as yours...most of them are blurry lol. We had a great time though, glad you did too :-)

Petaldew said...

Sounds like the Manchester show was almost as good as the one she did in Copenhagen! ;) Gosh I'm so glad you took all those pictures, I completely forgot about that when I heard her. I actually brought my non-goth friend to EA's show, and when we came outside after the concert she looked at me and admitted that she'd fallen completely in love with the burlesque music/show and could she please have more thank you very much. So I'd say mission successful! :)

Nina @ Death Books and Tea said...

Seems like you had a lot of fun!
I swear that ALL of my internet friends went to Manchester...I think we got the same show in Camden. Glad you enjoyed it! And your hair looks lovely.

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