Sunday, 8 April 2012

Surgyn, Hybrid 6.0, Uberbyte and Aesthetic Perfection, Southampton, 27.11.11

This gig review has been a long time coming, but here we are at last! In November of last year I set off with two of my very favourite people to see this show at Talking Heads in Southampton.

The first band on the line-up was Surgyn, who I hadn't heard of before. I was intrigued by their name and appearance, decked out in feathers, heels and exotic make-up, but their sound I found a slightly bland version of hellektro - sadly I found their songs quite unmemorable, not catchy or exciting enough to linger in my mind after their set.

However they were a great band to watch; enthusiastic and energetic, and whilst their brand of electronic music may have had little to distinguish them from many other bands of the same style and genre it was sharp, harsh and definitely club friendly. I have heard good things about their album Vanity and would be tempted to give it a listen to see if their admittedly impressive vocals and lyrics grow on me at this later date.
Next up were Hybrid 6.0, a local band who I had heard of but not yet had the pleasure of seeing live. Despite the deathrock/Gothabilly-inspired style leanings of their female vocalist, this is an Industrial band with obvious punk and dance influences - a fun set with highly infectious beats and accomplished vocals. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

I had not been a fan of the infamous Uberbyte prior to seeing them live, but after this performance I went home converted, clutching a T-shirt and CD. Certainly the stompiest, bleepiest band of the night and definitely a crowd-pleaser; even my non-Goth companions enjoyed this set (although we were in fits of giggles over Uberman's strong resemblance to Bronwyn's dad. Now we know what he does in his spare time...).

Uberbyte have become a big name in the UK and it's easy to see why. The all-too-popular hints of dance are there from time to time but this gets the audience moving; this band also draw influence from hardstyle and gabba, creating a bouncier, tongue-in-cheek style with their irreverent lyrics. A bit like Combichrist with a sense of humour. They do a great line in hilarious club anthems, from 'Hardcore Industrial' to set finale 'Money Shot'.

I felt almost sorry for headliners Aesthetic Perfection, having to follow Uberbyte's most excellent performance. Clad in a slightly odd white blazer and flat cap combo, frontman Daniel Graves takes to the stage amidst gouts of fog billowing from the smoke machine. The set is tight and controlled with less of Uberbyte's boundless energy and cheer, but the music itself is spot on; gritty, aggressive electronics and harsh, distorted vocals keep the audience on its feet. This band has a wealth of material behind them and it shows in their polished live performance. Much fist-pumping ensues. Still one of my favourite electronic acts around at the moment; catchy, powerful and creative.


Victoriomantic said...

That's crazy! I'm from Southampton and I was at the same gig... If I'd seen you there I would have come over to say hello. I had no idea you're in/near(?) Southampton too.

It was an amazing gig, I was front centre pretty much the whole way through, and got to chat to Uberbyte afterwards :)

If you're in the Southampton area, you should come to Industrial Fallout (if you haven't already)!

Alexandriaweb said...

I wasn't to fond (musically, they're lovely guys) on Surgyn the first time I saw them either, but I've seen them three times now (most recently about a month ago supporting Eisenfunk), and they've grown on me a lot, their new stuff is awesome (check out Sharp and Stars it's really catchy).
I think I've seen Uberbyte the most out of any band and I still love them :) They are also lovely people, especially Ben (long haired guy.
Aesthetic Perfection had a hard act to follow here too...We had them on after Parisis (who you should check out because his music is also made of awesome).

Amy Asphodel said...

Victoriomantic - I've heard some good things about Industrial Fallout, I'm not in Southampton but am quite close. We should try and meet up there sometime, I don't know anybody there and am very shy which is why I've never been! :-S

Nightwind said...

I'm glad you had such a good time Amy!

Victoriomantic said...

That would be lovely :) Industrial Fallout is so fun, I'm always glued to the dance floor! Everyone is lovely to chat to as well. Send me a message on Tumblr sometime if you're interested :)

I love this blog, btw, always a wonderful read!

Victoriomantic said...

(As in, send me a message if you're interested because that sounds like fun! ...Sorry, I'm all tired and somehow unable to type tonight, haha)

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