Saturday, 7 April 2012

Workout DVDs for the healthy Goth

My friend Jodie is training to be a fitness instructor, and she advises that the average adult should get 30 minutes of aerobic exercise (anything that gets the heart rate up) three to five times a week. I'll be the first to admit I'm hardly an exercise addict; the only thing I've ever heard of that could convince me to try running is a smartphone app that I read about in the paper which plays the moans and groans of zombies in pursuit that get louder as you slow down. Running through the woods with that playing in my ears might make me shift my butt a little faster!

I'm also not a gym bunny; I can't particularly afford a membership, and whilst I do go to dance classes once a week (or thereabouts...) I'm quite simply not getting enough exercise.

Luckily, the makers of fitness DVDs that you can do in the privacy and comfort of your own home have understood that not everybody wants to break a sweat dancing around to awful 90s pop or the sweet strains of the Pussycat Dolls (who, by the way, I keep seeing described as a burlesque group in the UK media. o.O).

If your New Year's resolution to get fit is starting to slip, you want to up the ante in BatFit 2012, or you just fancy learning something new in your spare time, do any of these tickle your fancy?

Belly Dance for the Beautiful Freaks
Presenter: seasoned bellydancer Tempest
Programme: a series of choreographies which will teach you some basic (and a few not-so-basic) moves designed to be adapted for the club dancefloor. Set to music by the likes of Collide, Skinny Puppy, Jill Tracy and Nox Arcana. Also includes a Gothic Bellydance Expression Workshop, where Tempest discusses conveying drama and other facial expressions that a performer can use in their dance.

If you like this, you could also try: Rachel Brice: Bellydance Arms and Posture; Contemporary Bellydance and Yoga Conditioning with Ariellah; Bellydance: East Coast Tribal.

The Exotic Dance Workout
Presenter: Lady Morrighan
Programme: divided into three sections - Exotic Dance, Floorwork and Chair - this is a risque dance workout for the confident woman, and yes, you can do it in heels.
If you like this, you could also try: Exotic Dance: The Irresistible Art.

Goddess Workout: Cardio Burlesque
Presenter: Dolphina
Programme: a cardio workout teaching some basic burlesque moves, building up to a full-length choreography.

If you like this, you could also try: Honey and Spice! Sensual and Fierce Burlesque; Burlesque Beat: Sexy Fitness Dance Workout.

Shakra's Industrial Strength Dance Workout
Presenter(s): Shakra, a dance group, namely Na'La, Bronwen and Hilary.
Programme: packed full of Goth and Industrial music such as :wumpscut:, The Last Dance and Decoded Feedback. Includes two full length workouts, a techniques section and two dance combo tutorials. The dancing itself, called Transfusion, is a blend of African, bhangra and tribal fusion bellydance.

If you like this, you could also try: Serpentine - Belly Dance with Rachel Brice.


Lesthi said...

Great tips :D Thank you!

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

I would SO do this if i could stand up for thirty minutes three to five times a week. x3 I want the exotic dance one! :3 but i have housemates. theydon'tneedtoseethat.

Anonymous said...

SUPER cool! :D you need to do more posts like this one :D

xToxicTears said...

Ha, I actually have an appointment next week to try to get into a course to become a fitness instructor!:D

Nightwind said...

I have no self discipline; so for me, trying to exercise on a regular basis is an exercise in futility. I walk a lot though, and I feel that it's really beneficial.

Amy Asphodel said...

Toxic - best of luck! Let me know how it goes >.< I'd love to have you as a fitness instructor.

Kitty - your housemates would LOVE. IT.

Nightwind - I know how you feel, believe me. I managed to exercise twice last week and am considering that an achievement. I also ate my body weight in Easter eggs, though...

Rachel said...

What is the zombie running app called? I NEED IT!!!!! TT^TT

Amy Asphodel said...

Rachel -

Anonymous said...

The reason the Pussycat dolls are described as burlesque is because they actually were a burlesque group before they began music. If you watch Chalies Angels, one of the scenes has them dancing in the backround way back before they started pop music. . .yep. . .

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