Tuesday, 29 May 2012

30 Day Clothing Challenge: Day 4

Hello everyone; I have some non-clothing challenge posts on their way but sadly no time to post them... I'm just back from work and am scarfing my dinner down before I'm due to go out with friends. >.<

4. A shirt that you haven’t worn yet.

This was kind of an impulse buy... I haven't tried it on and I'm not sure how 'me' it actually is. I might try to put together an outfit with it for Sophistique Noir's upcoming Red and Black Week. I like the little details on it (the corset-style lacings have 'Mad Girl' written on them in teeny tiny white letters) but it might be a bit shapeless when it's on. And possibly too short. I guess we'll see.

Today's outfit was supposed to be cool and breezy for work whilst simultaneously hiding my unshaven legs *ahem* and being fancy enough to dash out to the pub tonight without needing to get changed. This skirt is slightly too big; I hadn't worn it before and didn't have time this morning to think of something else or adjust it - honestly, this entire day has been a blur - so I've got a load of the waistband gathered at the back with a safety-pin to stop it sliding off me.

My cat, Kally, wanted to be in the frame as well this morning.


Caroline Carnivorous said...

Love the outfit!

Anonymous said...

I love the lace top! I sometimes put a lace sleeved cardigan UNDERNEATH a t shirt, as I LOVE the effect! My finger loves its lace covered splint! It is happy now ;-) instead of thinking about the weather, and what I should wear to stay cool, I have had a "nothing stops me wearing this now" moment, and now I'm wearing a long sleeved (!) purple top, black lacy skirt, tights and of course, a mini top hat! I don't want to admit it, but I'm too warm right now! :-0

xxxx little darkling xxxx

V said...

That's a pretty outfit Amy, and your cat is a cuuuutie! Xxxx:)

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