Wednesday, 30 May 2012

30 Day Clothing Challenge: Day 5

I know this is entirely unrelated, but as part of my wardrobe makeover, some shopping has happened. (Do try not to be shocked.) I was delighted today when these treats from Restyle came in the post! The sunglasses are on clearance at the moment too so I got them for £3.50. :-D


5. Your favourite pair of jeans.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
I love my Criminal Damage lacy jeans. I wear them so much that you probably get sick of seeing them. The lace is slowly starting to become all holey but I do have a spare pair set aside at work. They were £35 from an alt store in Southampton and I originally bought them as part of a last-minute going-out ensemble for my 19th birthday.

Here's today's outfit. This picture got deleted from Lookbook for excessive editing, luckily I saved it to my PC. To be fair it is a bit much... oops. >.<

And a bonus pic of me in my natural habitat.
Have been playing with paint samples today, so it should be looking a bit different in here soon! >.<
You might recognise the ribbons in my hair from the shirt I posted for yesterday's challenge... I tried it on this morning and it really doesn't fit, so I salvaged what I could from it. I like these ribbons much better than the actual shirt, I think. :-)


Anonymous said...

I.....NEED.....your......jeans ;-)

xxxx little darkling xxxx

Anonymous said...

Do you have to have a blog to take part in red and black week? I don't have a blog, so I was just going to wear red and black, and minus the posting... Sophistuique Noir has a link with the guidelines, but I can't access them.... Any help, anyone?

xxxx little darkling xxxx

Salieria said...

Huh, I just love RESTYLE :D It's one of my favourite shops, I have really A LOT of things from them ^^ I want the glasses You bought SOOO badly, but currently I am saving money to buy my dream-boots on e-bay ;)

Zere said...

Now those sunglasses looked very familiar. *looks at her table and her own sunglasses* Yupp. The same. LOVE them! *laughs* Gotta love your jeans too. They really look awesome!

Essy Romaine said...

I love those jeans, and the new necklace! Also is that Victoria Frances artwork I spy in the background?

V said...

The ribbons look pretty in your hair Amy! Xxx:)

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! I love your clothes^^ I think you look great, I love your boots, are they new rocks?? Where did you get this kind of clothing???

I have seen your room in some pics and It´s so beautiful, I love all the things that you have. Can you show your room in photos on your blog??? for example a photo of your shelf, your bed, your table, posters... If you dont want to do it, dont worry, this is your blog, I just wanna give you an idea, I think it can be funny. And sorry for my english, i am from spain hahaha

bye and kisses^^

Amy Asphodel said...

Anon - Thank you! Yes they're New Rocks, I got them online at; mostly I get my stuff online or at the second-hand shop where I work.

I would be happy to show my room but I'm redecorating at the moment so everything is in bits >.< When it's all done I'll do a whole load of photos just for you, but in the meantime there's a better picture of what it used to look like here:


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