Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Happy World Goth Day! A video celebration

Hello everyone! Wishing you a very happy and spooktacular World Goth Day; and hoping that, whereever you are and whatever you're doing, you have a little chance to release the bats and let your freak flag fly! ;-D

In honour of the occasion, I thought I'd share some of my personal icons and biggest inspirations - a handful of videos encapsulating some of those things I love most about dark alternative culture. Here goes!
  1. Overhyped and overplayed it may be, but Bela Lugosi's Dead is probably Bauhaus's biggest hit of all time and the song most often credited with kickstarting dark culture into the behemoth we know and love today. Peter Murphy, we salute you.
  2. Joji Grey is probably one of the most well-known vloggers in the Goth and dark alternative scenes. I love him for his style, his charm, his warmth, and his honesty.
  3. I am loath to reel off a list of big names from the early years of Goth, but Siouxsie Sioux's music and style held a huge draw for me when I first began to experiment in the world of dark culture. The first time I heard this Banshees track, Arabian Knights, I felt like I had found my niche.
  4. The Cruxshadows are, as you may already know, my favourite band of all time. It would be remiss of me not to include them, therefore, in a post celebrating what I love about this subculture.
  5. One of my favourite things about dark culture, of course, are the friendships I've made during my time both 'in the scene' and as a blogger. Hence this video from the WeAreTheBatCats YouTube channel (starring SaryWalrus), a channel featuring videos from some of the people I admire most. <3 Happy Goth Day to you guys!
  6. As a newbie in the dark scene, what really got me hooked on Goth fashion was browsing through videos of festival fashions on YouTube. Of course, the big European festivals often boast the best and most dramatic examples of dark fashion, such as these outfits seen at the Wave Gotik Treffen.
  7. Another Goth icon of mine is model and blogger Adora BatBrat. I love her hair, make-up and personal style. I only wish I could be so over-the-top in everyday life.
    This is not at all a complete list of my idols, inspirations or even the many and myriad reasons why I remain utterly enamoured of dark culture. What about you guys? Biggest inspirations? Best-loved musicians? Nostalgic memories?

    Wishing each and every one of you a very special day... stay spooky, darklings! ;-)


    SaryWalrus said...

    Holyshi- You mentioned my video. :DDD

    Mrs. Katie said...

    Looooove the Siouxsie and Bauhaus videos. Brings back so many fun memories for me! I was raised on that stuff :)

    Joji Grey said...

    I cannot begin to tell you how flattered I am! You have made my day. ♥

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