Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Vlogger Spotlight: kazlovesbats

Hey you guyssss! :-D

I'm super excited because the utterly adorable Allison Eckfeldt is a) sending me the cutest, fuzziest Halloween sweater I have ever ever seen, and b) made me a video! This is rather excellent ('scuse me whilst I turn up the hokey Brit dial) and wonderful because I was going to feature Ali and her YouTube channel kazlovesbats as my latest spotlighted vlogger for some of her other lovely videos.

But, MY Ali video gets pride of place here. Never seen anyone get so enthusiastic over the Royal Mail! ;-D

Other than the sheer force of awesomeness that is my Ali video (MINE, I say!), this beautiful bat-loving lady has heaps of fantastic videos... it was so hard to choose which ones to feature. But I'm sure this one will speak to so many of you:

This one also ties in with a topic I blogged about earlier this week (Goth Enough?) and I know that lots of people also had strong feelings about that.

I hope that you enjoy Ali's vids; and don't forget you can also check out her channel (with many, many more videos) here.


Caroline Carnivorous said...

I love her!
Not seen her youtube videos yet though - Well then, then I have something to do today!

theEmocarebear said...

I love her videos and check in frequently to watch her stuff! Cheers on the new sweater! ^^

Anonymous said...

Caroline carnivorous, you stole my words! ;-)

xxxx little darkling xxxx

Lizzielovesbats said...

She helped me embrace being a goth, and not give a crap what people say or think about me... I've told my dad that I'm goth, and he said, " I love you". I looked at him confused , "So, your mad at me?" "No, your my baby and I love you no matter what. I don't care what people think and neither should you. So, what I'm saying is don't get a tattoo..."Dad, I love you". My dads one of the very few who has accepted me... I found out who my true friends were and i found out who my ex friends are (god I hate calling them that , my friend made me put it in there cause she won a bet over my boyfriend, and she's his best friend). Anyways Allison is my role model... And she is a beautiful, mature, and inspirational....

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