Monday, 21 May 2012

World Goth Day! Suggestions for not-so-spooky types...

World Goth Day has been hyped a lot on Facebook this year, and with the slogan 'Get your Goth on for one day...' I can't help but wonder if any people who don't normally dress all in black and rock out to the Banshees have found themselves feeling an urge to take part. I'm sure the event would have a certain nostalgic appeal for 'ex-Goths' - those who felt they had to move on from actively taking part in the scene for one reason or another - and those, like a lady who lives near me, who have always wanted to take part in the Goth subculture but have, for their own reasons (in this lady's case, she believes she's  'too old'... at forty), felt unable to do so.

[Tangent: I'm not sure how much the word of this occasion has spread, but I would hope that as it grows it won't attract those types who, oh... would like an excuse to paint on bad Crow make-up and spend a day poking fun at Goth culture. That really is not the point. I have to admit I'd get my knickers in a bit of a twist should those sorts of people feel the need to spend a day that is intended to be for fun, amusement and just-because celebration for black-clad devotees everywhere mocking that very same culture. I'm sure that most people would have better things to do, but if you really were thinking of spending the day Goth-baiting, perhaps you should find something a bit more worthwhile to get on with.]

However, for those who would like to use Goth Day as a reason to delve a little deeper into dark culture, here are some ideas:

  1. Dress up. The idea of tacky pre-packaged Goth costumes doesn't appeal to me on the whole, but it won't hurt to experiment with a darker tinge to your normal look or an all-black outfit. Just don't be too heavy-handed with make-up and don't try to rush all-in to an all-black brand name wardrobe. Goth fashion shouldn't feel like a costume to the wearer. It should feel comfortable. (If you are a devotee of a different alternative style, such as Lolita, it could be an interesting and fun challenge to add a darker element to your look for the day. If you're really shy, you could even just paint your nails black.)
  2. Spin some spooky tunes. (Can't believe I just typed that...) You may have some Cure or Sisters of Mercy records lurking in your collection somewhere. You could always look online or borrow from a Goth friend. Either way, draw the curtains, turn the speakers up, and drown yourself in a blaring wall of Goth rock angst for an afternoon.
  3. Head out to a Goth club or concert. If you're alone, I'd suggest going to see a show rather than going to a club as it's less social and you won't feel odd being there by yourself. See what events are on in your area and go and have a look-see. But do be respectful to other patrons and please don't start conversations with, "Nice costume!" or, "So what's this Goth thing all about then?"
  4. Appreciate the Goth in your life. Sibling? Significant other? Coworker? Surprise them with a fresh cup of coffee or cupcake on their desk, a black rose, new eyeliner pencil, or even just wish them a happy World Goth Day (there are official Happy Goth Day cards available here). They may not know what you're talking about (depending on whether or not they are aware of the event!) but it should certainly make them smile.
  5. Curl up with a Gothic novel and a glass of red wine, absinthe, or snakebite and black.
  6. Wear a World Goth Day T-shirt with pride.
  7. Treat yourself to a copy of Gothic Charm School (Jillian Venters), What Is Goth? (Voltaire) or The Goth Bible (Nancy Kilpatrick) and clue yourself in on what it's all about. (All abovementioned titles available from Amazon.)
  8. Watch a suitably dark and spooky film. Anything from Elvira, The Addams Family and Edward Scissorhands to The Crow, Interview With The Vampire or even Goth Cruise...
  9. Change your ring tone to Bela Lugosi's Dead (by Bauhaus).
  10. Visit your local cemetery.


linnea-maria said...

Unfortunately I won't have the chance to celebrate this awesome day. I'm going on a job seminar but I will be comforted with a viking dinner.

Nightwind said...

Since there aren't any World Goth Day activities planned for anywhere around here I'll have to celebrate solo by taking some time out just to listen to Bauhaus, Siouxsie and some old-school Goth. I'll also take your advice by reading a good Gothic novel, which happens to be Anne Rice's newest creation, "The Wolf Gift."

It's too bad that the weather isn't going to provide the proper setting as it will be sunny and hot tomorrow.

Amy, may you and all of your readers have a great day tomorrow!

Lily said...

I told all my teachers about world goth day and they all promised to pretisapate. So exited to see what they came up with tomorrow ;)

Marmalade Marionette said...

Honestly, I've never heard of World Goth Day. But I've heard of Go Skateboarding Day on June 21st (which no one here would care)
But I'm planning to amp up my wardrobe tomorrow if I can and going to be celebrating with Eddy Poe. :)

Anonymous said...

1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 are the ones that I would do, but 10 is the occasional thing or I rarely ever do. 3 and 7 doesn't apply to me a lot. 3- because I'm socially anxious and need to recharge my energy before talking as I'm a loner at times, of course travel and money is another problem as well, nor Goth clubs where I live. 7- I have a copy of Gothic Charm School on iBooks and I may get Voltaire's What is Goth book, depends if I want to read it. Also today (WGW!) I will definitely backcomb my hair big again to celebrate and relive the original 80's big hair look.

Tenebris In Lux said...

Oh crap, man! This day had to sneak up on me, didn't it? Better get something together soon :-P

And Nightwind, I'm very curious about The Wolf Gift. I'm following Anne on Facebook and it's very refreshing to see what material she wants to discuss with her readers :-)

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