Friday, 8 June 2012

June linksplosion!

Here we go, once again!


Firstly, seven top blog posts from all around the internets:
  1. Who Writes Your Rules For Rebellion is yet another fantastic post for the a-MAY-zing Darling Violetta, I highly recommend that everyone give it a read.
  2. The HouseCat lays out a few thoughts that should be obvious but for some reason rarely are in her post Cliques, Judging and Subcultures.
  3. A DIY tutorial from the lovely Boots on how to create glossy black pants that are actually comfortable. Jeans Revolution: Waxed Jeans.
  4. sassyNpunk ran a short post on Chokelate, a model usually gracing the pages of the likes of Vogue and Glamour, who has put together a Gothic Lolita look.
  5. At Queens of the Wild Frontier, Alexandriaweb shares her thoughts on the Daily Fail's latest subculture-bashing, which this time was directed at Lolita, in her post "It's not normal is it?" (including a UK morning TV interview with Venus Angelic). For those of you who didn't see the original article, you can read it here... but it looks as though the Fail haven't been reading their OWN articles, as several days later they posted a reasonably sensible article on Mexican Lolitas, here.
  6. Dani DeathBiscuit gives us the rundown on 90s kinderwhore fashion and also a look known as kindergoth...
  7. I liked Raven Sexton's post An Interesting Compliment...
Secondly, ten spooky treats from the wild world of Etsy:
  1. Calling Kitty Lovett! A pink, bat-shaped cat toy from Gothicbeagle could be yours...
  2. When I do eventually get around to learning to drive, you can bet I'll be showing off StudioCarpeDiem's batty license plate frame.
  3. The wonderfully-named QuaintrelleAnarchist brings us this cute black bat-wing collar.
  4. How elegant is this beautiful cross and chain headpiece from CasstronautMeder?!
  5. A vegan vampire-themed lipgloss tickle your fancy? I just can't resist a make-up product called Fangbanger... (CRUSHCOSMETICS.)
  6. I may not be their biggest fan but for some of you I'm sure GlampireDesigns's Joy Division pendant will tick all the right boxes.
  7. I'm not sure how I feel about buying a classically hand-painted leather jacket (surely those of us who like this look can appreciate the pleasure of creating such ourselves?) but I must admit I do like this paint job on a leather bike jacket from Gothling.
  8. Create a striking eye make-up look with the Blood Moon collection from PureFusionMakeup.
  9. How about a nail polish called Hollywood Cemetery from spookybones.
  10. For slightly creepy guys, how about this Jack the Ripper cravat and sleeve garter set from The Engineer and the Gypsy? Those aren't blood splatters... they're flowers. But you'd have to look close to figure that out.
And finally, twelve excellent examples of gloomy fashion:
  1. There's so much incredible in this outfit I don't even know where to start! The hair! The eyes! The chains! The... thing with the feathers! (via Gothbeauty.)
  2. More simple, but equally divine - if only I looked like this every day... (via gothichorrorpictureshow.)
  3. Wow! Of course I covet that handbag and blouse, but she also has such poise. I has a jealous. (via batscoffinsandbones.)
  4. I can't figure out exactly what is so fabulous about this photo, but I love it. (via dartranna-alurath.)
  5. Very timely for Red & Black Week... a well co-ordinated couple. (via Gothbeauty.)
  6. Quintessentially the Lady of the Manners, I adore everything about this outfit. (via gothiccharmschool.)
  7. It's always nice to see a well-turned-out gentleman. (via Gothbeauty.)
  8. I'm not always a fan of hair falls (yarn falls... blech) but I think these are really cute. (via batscoffinsandbones.)
  9. I love this make-up. (via gothic-and-beautiful.)
  10. Oh, speaking of make-up... (via batscoffinsandbones.)
  11. The most incredible hair in the world, ever. (via xxveganpunkxx)
  12. The CLASSIC classic Goth look. (via fuckyeahgothicfashion.)


Anonymous said...
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Alexandriaweb said...

Oh, thank you for linking to my blog entry :)
*goes to check out the other links*

Cupcake.on.Crack said...

Ahh! June links,

On another note I finally started clearing out my closet that link you wrote about whether to keep it or toss it is EPIC. I have clothes in my drawer I have been wearing since I was 13 and it is fairly obvious.

So thank you for writing that, not sure how ld that post is but it is good common sense advice.


Ashavari said...

AHH nice! this is so awesome :)

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