Sunday, 17 June 2012

Regarding internet drama

Two things that I believe are universally true:

  1. We all have a history, good or bad
  2. We all have an existence (although not necessarily a life) outside of the internet.
Therefore, everyone has the potential for internet drama. Myself included. Which is why I have previously linked to websites complaining about myself and this blog in general - because I try to be open as much as possible, including the facts that I make mistakes and not everyone agrees with the points of view I present in this blog.
Here, have a dork-face.
Whilst the most incriminating evidence against yours truly that is ever likely to surface on the internet isn't likely to be worse than an unflattering photo or two (I don't edit or shop my photos, but I do at least try to aim for a bit of make-up and a flattering angle), recent gossip on Facefail (which, by the way, I have sworn off of for a month on a bet) reminded me that reading someone's blog or watching their YouTube vids is not the same as knowing the person.

We all have private lives, past mistakes, previous subcultural affiliations and many people's presentation on the internet is an adopted persona rather than an accurate representation of what that person is actually like. At the very least, an internet persona is no more than a snapshot of a facet of a person's life.

This may sound obvious, but I'm sure we've all witnessed the backlash when somebody 'internet-famous' moves on from a style or subculture and is then accused of 'betraying' their fans. If people who don't have an internet fanbase should happen to change their style, the most they can expect is some teasing from their friends, but on the internet it's instant drama and an entry on Encylopaedia Dramatica about how they 'sold out'.

(Note: I am not referring to those who change their image or the direction of their blog to promote or sell a product... I don't really have an opinion on this but I'm sure that people do it and I'm just as sure that others would describe it as 'selling out'.)

I'm mentioning all this because a fellow blogger drew attention to the past internet antics of a well-known online Gothy-type, as documented by those oh-so-charming folks at Encyclopaedia Dramatica. I'm happy to accept that people's tastes and styles change, but I do attempt to steer clear of scammers and attention-seekers, and as such have been disappointed on several occasions by the back stories of people I have purchased from or even linked to.

So, essentially, this is a note to say that whilst I may not know all the history and gossip of people I admire and who I talk about, link to or feature on this blog, I will never condone or knowingly promote animal abusers, scammers, pro-anorexia, drug use or general lies and ignorance. Again, I'm sure this is obvious but I'm throwing it out there to clarify.

The people I choose to link to or promote I do so because I like what I see at face value. I am learning that it may at times be wise to check more thoroughly (or at least make sure they don't have an entry on Encylopaedia Dramatica).

In addition, a disclaimer: Opinions of people who comment here and whose videos or links or blog posts are featured here belong to those people alone and are not necessarily the same as my own, nor do I endorse them. They are simply that - other people's opinions.

I don't claim to know the full story about anyone else online, but I do always try to bear in mind: what is written on the internet is not necessarily fact!


Alexandriaweb said...

Encyclopedia is a lot of old crap most of the time, I know several people personally who have pages on there saying that they're perverts and child abusers when the worst thing they ever did was disagree with someone on 4chan, please don't use ED as a benchmark for judging people, please look a bit further than that.

Xanthy said...

Well said.

Julietslace said...

Sorry it's off topic but you look gorg in that picture! But I have got a soft spot for you with blonde (ish) hair.

Anonymous said...

It's really a shame you have to go out of your way to explain this Amy. I'm sorry you've been stuck writing disclaimers reccently. It will soon pass :)
Much love!

Anonymous said...

Well said, The Internet is not real life and people opinions are just their own opinions. What is written on the internet is definitely not always factual and are sometimes biased.

Morticia Merle said...

Not to sound Ghetto, but WORD UP!

Check Out My Blog:

Anonymous said...

I think that photo of you is very pretty; I don't see a "dork-face" at all.

Cherry Divine said...

I do not like it when others intrude upon our dark Gothic privacy. I no longer go on Facebook, because of all the bullies from my past trying to access, what they do not consider to like in my personality. Therefore, many Gothy people are being stalked, in the wrong kind of way. We do not go stalking those that are not like us. I do get your point Amy. Some people can be very devious, but selfish on The Internet. They snoop on our ways, and then try to copy us. I think that is very sad indeed. A picture can tell a million things. But not always bad things, that others expect us to believe. I have a sister like that. She assumes the world rotates around her, and no-one else. But you do sound very very intelligent Amy. More intelligent, that those that assume they are Gothic. When really they are lying to us and the world.

Dani DeathBiscuit said...

Awww. This is a good post, Amy :):)

It seems important to us now.. but a few years down the line and we'll most likely forget about all this sillyness :3


Laura said...

I've known so many people over the years who are funny, intelligent, and kind - but who were also ganged up on while on the internet. There are a lot of people out there who have this bully mentality, and they forget that the internet is populated by real people.

I've always been a very open and honest person about many assets of my life, and because of this I've experienced this bullying myself. People have scoured my blog for my pictures so that they could repost in private communities about how disgusting they think I look, they invent facts that are not true, and distort the truth in the cruelest of ways. One woman felt it was necessary to take all of this at face value, and then write to my employees to tell them what kind of person they think I am?

I feel like giving any credence to Encyclopedia Dramatica, and apologizing for associating with people who are attacked online gives power to these kinds of bullies. It makes them feel like attacking people is some kind of justifiable public service, and it's not.

Nightwind said...

I think it's best to just ignore those who try to hurt us online, and that goes for anybody else who goes along with their antics as well. I don't think anybody really expects perfection out of a blogger, artist, entertainer, etc. We simply want them to keep on being their creative selves.

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