Friday, 1 June 2012

Some inspiration from Lookbook

I am addicted to Lookbook... >.< Like with Tumblr, I just love seeing all the fantastic fashions that everyone else is wearing, and there were a few I saw this evening that I liked so much I thought I would share them. (Also, Goth guys on Lookbook? Where are you? Link me...)

Kameko Epitaph - Alone in a Crowded Room

Was I this stylish at the age of sixteen? Um, I wish. :-/

Mademoiselle Karma - The cursed Gold of Atlantis


Natasha Lillipore - REWIND

Blue hair and bloomers is a fantastic combo. I would love this outfit for keeping cool on sunny days.

Professor Kunoichi - Summer time

What don't I love about this outfit? :-3

Rabbit Heart - Let me show you where it hurts

Can't decide if I'm crazier about the outfit or her eyebrows.

Ilsebelle - Koi no mega lover

Wish I could pull this off!

Outfits like these really make me want to step up my game in terms of style...


Anonymous said...

Wow. We're dealing with Vecona corsets here, I'm going to fold before I go broke. Don't bother stepping up your game. ;)

Lesthi said...

I love tumblr for that tooo <3

This is my lookbook if you wanna take a look ^^

Gothica Gothique Goth Blog said...

Reminds me of Japanese fashion magazines, where they just go out on the street and photograph anyone wearing an interesting outfit and ask the person where they got the items. One of my friends from here in the US ended up making it into a Japanese fashion magazine that way.

Anonymous said...

Someday soon please could you do an article on rain-friendly goth outfits? It's on days like these when I want to wear something like these outfits up here, but instead I end up pulling on the nearest t shirt and jeans because I want to wear clothes that won't ruin :(

Caroline Carnivorous said...

Lookbook! <3

BallerinaDark said...

Wow! I didn't know about the existance of Lookbook ! it's wonderful! Incredible gourgeous outfits :D


The Green Fairy said...

I didn't realise Isabelle was such a famous figure, I talk to her all the time on instagram.

I have lookbook :)

Pitty said...

Hey, I have lookbook as well.
I just began, so it's not that much on, but if you want to take a look:

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