Friday, 27 July 2012

30 Day Clothing Challenge: Day 23

23. An article of clothing/ accessory that you consider lucky.

Heh, if you'd asked me earlier this week I'd have said I don't have any lucky pieces (I have many with HUGE sentimental value, but none which I consider lucky), but I haven't taken off the Cruxshadows wristband I got from the gig this week yet. I suppose I am hoping it will become imbued with good fortune from sheer willpower ;-)

Speaking of the Cruxshadows gig, before it was time for us to go and get ready Rosie and I headed out for ice cream and decided to practise some incredibly pretentious poses. OK, it could have been worse - these are fairly mild, no swooning! - but I thought I'd share in lieu of a proper outfit post today.

P.S. The text on the bottom of my t-shirt reads 'if only they'd stopped at name-calling' - the shirt is from the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Concert: Dreams Divide, AlterRed and The Cruxshadows, Talking Heads, Southampton, 24.7.12

Before I launch into this post, a heartfelt plea: if anyone was at this gig and has any photos of the crazy dancing on stage that went on at the end of the night, please drop me a line! My camera had long since died...

I went to this show with my friend Rosemarie, my other half Dan, and my mum. Well, she's a huge Cruxshadows fan so it would have been pretty rude to just leave her at home. ;-) My manager, being awesome, agreed for me to leave work early so that we girls could get all dolled up.

In the car on the way to Talking Heads:

And who should we meet at the venue but the gorgeous and charming Louise of The Cat's Aunt, who we pretty much adopted for the evening, hogging our little corner of the dance floor like some unholy trinity.

I do believe that some music was played at some point during the evening! Ah yes...

Dreams Divide
Best. Local. Band. Period. I didn't know these guys were playing but they are regulars at the Talking Heads so I suppose I should have known. This is the third time I've seen them now and their current material is not getting old yet. As energetic as ever and they always seem to be having a whale of a time, getting the audience whipped up. They were especially frenetic last night; the vocalist was pinging back and forth across the room like he was trapped in a pingball machine. Great fun to watch, great to dance to - I really should get my act together and buy their album.

Hmm. I had heard one of this band's tracks previously on a compilation and wasn't overly enamoured, but I found them better live. However I wouldn't consider myself a fan; they were a little bit all over the place, each track seemed somewhat unconnected to the one before it, and sandwiched between Dreams Divide and The Cruxshadows they didn't seem to fit. Their songs were interesting and probably darker and less 'dancy' than anything else on display that evening, which really was the problem - we were psyched up to dance, not sit and listen in a thoughtful manner.

I did quite enjoy them; probably better than any of my friends as comments bandied around by the others included 'no beat' and 'totally pants'.

Oddly, they had a girl on stage wearing a mask who we assumed was going to dance or give some kind of performance, but she just... stood there. The whole time. I think she changed position once during one of the last tracks of their set, but otherwise she just remained frozen in place, which was just slightly unsettling. I'm not really sure what the point was, but I hope there was some back story involved, not, "Hey, let's just make this lass stand awkwardly in the corner and stare creepily at everyone." :-S

The Cruxshadows
Everything about this performance reminded me why the Cruxshadows are my favourite band. I did bump into Rogue between sets but only managed to gawp at him stupidly... d'oh. I did, however, say hello and get a hug at the end of the night, as did everyone who joined the stage invasion.

I was quite impressed by much of the band's new material (the album is out in August), although they are still taking a noticeably dancier, less 'gothy' direction than in their earlier days. Luckily, being crowd-pleasers, they still played all of the old favourites, classics and dancefloor-fillers, which means, yes, I FINALLY got to hear Winterborn live.

Rogue was up to his usual antics of wandering about in the crowd, and for a long time he was right next to me, which was pretty awesome (excuse my hopeless fangirling). The audience interaction techniques worked extremely well in such an intimate venue with a quite a small crowd.

It may have been the smallest, sweatiest gig known to mankind but it was also quite possibly the best I have ever had the pleasure of attending. The Cruxshadows' live show is definitely a must-see for any fan, I cannot imagine them ever disappointing. In case I haven't already mentioned it (ha ha), during the very last song (Marilyn, My Bitterness), Rogue was pulling people out of the crowd onto the stage until there were more of us up there than there were down on the dance floor. It was absolutely amazing, I probably danced like a total twonk but it was such a great experience that I really don't care. In fact, I want to do it again!

It's a Goth life: the day I met a Dalek

Warning - very pic-heavy!

In case you have been wondering where I've been (of course you have, and don't tell me otherwise because I won't hear of it), I attended a local carnival with some friends on Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny day, the first time we've had a stretch of hot weather in weeks (and, being the only one sensible enough to wear sun cream, I was the only one not burnt. Mwahahaha...).

We walked the two-and-a-half miles into town for the event. It was roasting hot, and poor Bronnie had a hangover, but we had a little singsong on the way.

At the carnival, we bought drinks and settled down on the grass to enjoy the live music. There were loads of stalls so we - well, OK, I - did a bit of shopping (I came away with patterned tights, a pair of goggles, and a flower headband).

I then made my friends wait for ages while I had my picture taken with a Dalek.
(too lazy tired to figure out how to work scanner)

By this point the boys were sick of warm beer and Bronwyn was dying of tired, so we sloped off on a pub crawl/dinner trek.
Chris looks spiffy in my headband.

Line of judgement.
(L-R Chris, Bronners, Ben, Kyle)
On our way across to Spoons to get some food, we saw the carnival parade.

Witness the maturity...
Our pub crawl was cut a little short by extreme tiredness on the part of some of our members. I took a couple snaps on the way home, looking slightly the worse for wear:

Only three drinks, I swear! :-3

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