Sunday, 1 July 2012

30 Day Clothing Challenge: Day 15

15. Your newest purchase.

I got this on Saturday in the charity shop where I work; it's only a T-shirt from Dorothy Perkins of all places, but I thought it was lovely. And it's long enough for me to wear it as a summer dress (if summer ever actually happens in wet and windy Britain this year) which is an added bonus. I'm wearing it with jeans today but I thought it would be nice with fishnets and boots (and itty bitty shorts) also.

This IS essentially my outfit photo for today, so I shall leave you with that. :-)


AsylumAlice said...

Voltaire is hilarious! I love "When You're Evil" and "If I Only Were A Goth."

Emporium Gothica said...

Nice! I'm traveling in France right now and have been amazed at how cool it's been (I needed to wear a jacket almost every day in Paris.)

Anonymous said...

FYI: "If I Only Were A Goth" is from ThouShaltNot, but yes, very funny song (mostly because it's true, LOL).

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