Wednesday, 4 July 2012

BatFit catch-up!

I was inspired by Cherish at Babybat's Blog to leap back on the BatFit bandwagon...

Bat Fit Challenge #9

"This challenge is about one of the most important lessons that I have learned in my life.  If there is something wrong with your body, listen to it!  Bodies come with mechanisms and responses to the bad things that affect us -- so please, pay attention."
I suffer from migraines, and have a tendency to leave it to the last moment to take painkillers because I convince myself that it will just 'go away'. It won't. I will spend the next two days lying down in a dark room. I'm trying to pay attention to the warning signs, avoid triggers and take a milder painkiller earlier rather than a stronger, addictive type later on in the 'episode'.

Bat Fit Challenge #10

"Do that thing that you're waiting for.  We all have it, that thing that we think "when I lose this weight I will do X" or "when I'm in better shape I will do Y." You know what? Doing something that makes you happy will get you to the place you need to be. If you really want to do roller derby- practice skating! If you want to try yoga - go do it!  I do yoga all the time, and not being flexible doesn't stop me. Live the life you've always dreamed.  Right now.  Don't wait.  You won't ever be sorry."

It's not quite the same as a yoga class, but as you may remember, I had a haircut.

Bat Fit Challenge #11

"BUDDY UP!  I’ve often heard “experts” say that working out with a partner can keep you motivated because it holds you accountable and makes it more fun.  I know from personal experience that walking with a friend is not only more fun than walking alone, I’m also motivated to push harder and keep going.  I’d really like to find a walking buddy to take my workout outside once a week.  You might want to check into a group exercise class, walk with a group of co-workers during your lunch break, find a cycling group… whatever appeals to you.  The point is to make exercise a social occasion and see if those “experts” are right."

My best friend Jodie is training to be a fitness instructor, and Bronwyn and I kindly volunteered our services to help her practise for her final exam. In return she made us a fine dinner. :-)

Bat Fit Challenge #12

"Wherever you are in this process it is time to take an assessment of what you've accomplished, which challenges were successful and which were failures, and where you want to go from here. Bat Fit Challenge #12 is to review the last six months and take measure of your progress. Be honest! After you've done this, set your goals for the next six months. Be reasonable and kind to yourself. This should not be an opportunity for you to beat on yourself; instead, congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished and be logical about your goals. Catch your breath and start again."

At first I thought I hadn't really managed to achieve much. In January I worked hard, ate well and really started to look after myself, but during March and April I put some weight back on and started giving in once more to my sugar addiction. But it's not as bad as it seemed at first.
  • I've maintained a healthy weight that feels good for me.
  • I've been exercising more and have found I don't have that feeling of overwhelming, groggy tiredness when I get out of bed in the mornings.
  • I don't spend as much time online.
  • I don't procrastinate as much - if I need to get something done, I do it.
  • I've nearly cleared out my entire wardrobe; getting dressed in the morning is a million times easier now that I can actually FIND stuff that fits and goes together.
  • I take time to look after myself a little bit more.
  • I've stopped skipping meals.
  • I'm trying hard to be more accepting of myself and my body. Being 'perfect' isn't everything.
Belly! :-3


Honey said...

Its really inspiring to see a list like this.

My aims are to hopefully get a job from one of my upcoming interviews, then I can afford to eat better and get myself in shape!

Cherish said...

I was mentioned! *Does a happy dance and faints*

I'm glad to see that other people are doing well in Bat Fit too. :D

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