Friday, 20 July 2012

Goth gossip round-up, the second

So once again I have been neglecting to post little gossip snippets at the end of my posts. I thought I would do another round-up for those of you who don't haunt my newsfeed. ;-)

  • You may remember that a while ago I posted about the horrendous attack on two Goths travelling on a tram. The lady who suffered a broken eye socket has been identified as  Melody McDermott, 22. The bastards responsible have been captured thanks to CCTV and sentenced to six years and two years respectively for grevious bodily harm with intent and assault causing actual bodily harm.
  • Who'd have thought, an Adam Sandler movie that actually interests me (not a fan). Hotel Transylvania looks like it's going to be dripping with cheese and bad vampire jokes, but frankly that's just what I love for a night in with popcorn (previous night-in favourites being Vampires Suck!, Lesbian Vampire Killers and Dracula: Dead and Loving It). Oh, and the protagonist is Dracula's daughter, a cute little Goth girl who can transform into a bat. D'aww.
  • Regular commentor here on Stripy Tights..., fellow blogger (SpookyUniversity) and all-round adorable badass akumaxkami now has an e-book available for download, entitled Anything But Monochrome. Yes, I am intending to download it soon! (Oh, and if I may indulge in an itsy-bitsy spot of shameless ego-stroking, I have a few as well, although I don't recommend anybody actually READ them because I wrote them for FUN in my teens and they are fairly terrible, right down to a cringeworthy sex scene or two. Perhaps someday I shall post the best of the worst quotes from my own 'novels' for your entertainment, although I will be crying inside... >.<)
  • The Hobgoblin pub in Camden, formerly known as the Dev (short for the Devonshire Arms) and much-beloved for its' Goths-only dress code, is up on the market.
  • Marilyn Manson fan and opera 'prodigy' Andrew de Leon sadly lost out in America's Got Talent.
Andrew de Leon performing on AGT
  • Teenagers descibed as 'Goth' were charged with arson after setting a mill on fire in Douglasville. Which was fairly stupid, since they were lighting fires around the place whilst inside it, using aerosol cans to get high... :-/
  • In Islington, London, a group of Goth women have created a new branch of the Women's Insitute, which they have called the Gothic Valley WI. Activities include making an applique bat cupcake which - get this - adorned a flag that was presented to the Queen for her jubilee.
  • A photography book by Forrest Black and Amelia G, documenting the Californian deathrock scene - aptly called California Deathrock - is now underway after reaching its funding target on Kickstarter.
  • Goth rap? Could it actually happen? "The Denver hip-hop trio BLKHRTS is seeing that some people are having a hard time trying to classify the type of music they make. The music is dark and aggressive and influenced by industrial and punk rock like Joy Division and The Misfits. The trio, which consists of Yonnas Abraham, King FOE and Karma tha Voice, dress in all black, give menacing looks from the stage, and when the music drops, go crazy. One writer called their style “goth rap.” “We are not Marilyn Manson,” Yonnas says. “The term ‘goth’ means a million things to a million different people, but I think that to me, it’s a culture and it’s definitely been able to describe my aesthetics, which is the dark and the beautiful, the romantic and also the macabre. But I think those things have been explored before. I think Wu-Tang is goth rap, I think Gravediggaz is the prototypical goth-rap group. So I read it in articles and people say that about my music, I’m like, ‘Oh wow.’”" (Read more.)


Bored_Homeschooler said...

I personally rolled my eyes when Andrew de Leon stepped on that stage. After hearing him,however,I was quite impressed! He is an amazing singer. Sucks he got voted off,but judges were right to do so.

The concept of“goth rap” sounds horrifying..

Serenity said...

Thank you for posting this. It's sad to see the things our society goes through. Yesterday I was almost thrown out of a Michael's Arts & Crafts Store for "dressing provocatively". This makes me feel a bit more hopeful. <3!

Cherry Divine said...

GOTHIC HIP HOP? No thanks! As for the little creeps that attacked the two Goths. Not enough time to be placed in prison. Should be longer than 6 or whatever years they got. Personally, I'd string them up by their balls, until they squeal like little piggies.

Kuraiko said...

I now know why that old mill looked worse than usual. How I missed hearing about that fire on the news is beyond me.

MissGreenEyes said...

Glad that they caught those pricks with CCTV. Looking forward to that movie also, I love a bit of cheese! I liked Andrew, but I'm sure I'll have forgotten about him by the time it airs here. Goth rap? Jesus.

S.T. Cronin said...

Gothic Rap? It sounds like this group has never heard of the Horrorcore genre. Horrorcore for htose of you who don't know is a subgenre of Hip Hop which has similar themes to Gothic fiction, which we all know is pretty much the basis for almost all Goth music. What does kind of bother is the fact that people (especially those in alternative cultures) are reacting negatively towards this because of the awful stereotypes associated with Hip Hop thanks to today's mainstream Hip Hop music like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and such.

Marmalade Marionette said...

I find it funny that most people are afraid or express their hate toward the "dark ones" and we goths end up in the mainstream media spotlight because of accidents, unusual talents, etc. Then most people start to feel bad for/become interested in goths. Then the same thing repeats again.
That's like a cycle that just doesn't add up.

The HouseCat said...

BRAAARGHAAARGHBLEH!!! The Dev is up for sale??? They must not change it! Mind you, the last time I was there it was still called The Devonshire Arms, not the Hobgoblin, even if it did have a lot of Wychwood Breweries stuff in there. I MUST go back South and have one last pint in there! I hope the new owners keep the Goth thing going.

Nightwind said...

Thanks for the gossip update Amy! By the way, these captas are becoming more and more difficult to do--and I'm not a robot.

akumaxkami said...

Thanks for propping my book. I can sure use the publicity, but I have to admit, my little novel is probably on par with some of your cheesy teen fictions. :)

marimortem said...

New follower here!

Great content, very engaging-- I never keep up in circles and I now you're my cheat sheet for goth gossip around the world... I guess that can be seen as a bad thing, but believe me when it comes to someone as socially awkward as myself, I need ever bit of help I can get.

Anonymous said...

Goth rap does sound horrifying in theory.

In practise, they're actually doing an excellent job. It's certainly something different. Interesting find!

Miss Miskatonic said...

That mill is less than five minutes from my house. I'm glad those stupid kids burned it down. It's been rotting away for twenty-five years now. The city should have either restored it or torn it down years ago.

In the Southern lexicon, "Goth" is code for "white kids who cause trouble". There aren't any Goths in Douglasville since I moved to Villa Rica.

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