Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Inspiration: Neil Gaiman addresses arts graduates

Hi there. You look like you could use an inspiration speech, Neil Gaiman-stylee. Here he is, speaking to University of the Arts graduates (major props to the blue-haired girl who appears to have trimmed her mortarboard hat in lace, by the way).

Suddenly the world is wonderful again, and I need to go make a list.


The Cemetery Dreamer said...

I love this speech. I'm really glad you watched it!

I think Neil Gaiman is just wonderful in every way, he's one of my favourite authors and a constant inspiration =]

If you like his stuff you might find this amusing:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I needed to hear this. I have shared this video on facebook as well. :)

GothicGuy said...

Speaking of school....Great post by the way. His speech? Amazing, and I loved the blue hair girls hat! :3

So, I found out who Fae is. Lol, turns out she is the girl from down the road! (She is also my new friend) and well she and I were talking on the phone last night and she randomly got silent. So I asked what was wrong and she brought up how we`re going into high school in 6 weeks.

She and I are both at a loss for words and we have no adivce. Not even her own sister would tell us what we should do. Well actually this is what her sister said "You guys shouldn`t dress like you just stepped out of a graveyard, you`ll get bullied. So (Insert Fae`s real name here) I`ll take you shopping. And (Insert my real name here) get your dad to take you shopping." Her sister is so helpful T_T

Anyways, does anyone have some tips for Fae and I? Please, we`re pretty freaked out for high school.

Nathaniel said...

Relax, your school probably has a few other goths. At the very least. Just remember that you have friends, both online and with Fae and yourself. Sorry it's a bit too late to get you before highschool. Hope it helps.

Also I know it's tacky to post on an old entry. Just wanted to help.

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