Wednesday, 25 July 2012

It's a Goth life: the day I met a Dalek

Warning - very pic-heavy!

In case you have been wondering where I've been (of course you have, and don't tell me otherwise because I won't hear of it), I attended a local carnival with some friends on Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny day, the first time we've had a stretch of hot weather in weeks (and, being the only one sensible enough to wear sun cream, I was the only one not burnt. Mwahahaha...).

We walked the two-and-a-half miles into town for the event. It was roasting hot, and poor Bronnie had a hangover, but we had a little singsong on the way.

At the carnival, we bought drinks and settled down on the grass to enjoy the live music. There were loads of stalls so we - well, OK, I - did a bit of shopping (I came away with patterned tights, a pair of goggles, and a flower headband).

I then made my friends wait for ages while I had my picture taken with a Dalek.
(too lazy tired to figure out how to work scanner)

By this point the boys were sick of warm beer and Bronwyn was dying of tired, so we sloped off on a pub crawl/dinner trek.
Chris looks spiffy in my headband.

Line of judgement.
(L-R Chris, Bronners, Ben, Kyle)
On our way across to Spoons to get some food, we saw the carnival parade.

Witness the maturity...
Our pub crawl was cut a little short by extreme tiredness on the part of some of our members. I took a couple snaps on the way home, looking slightly the worse for wear:

Only three drinks, I swear! :-3


KatSaw said...

Hey Amy

This has nothing to do with your lovely day out, but I was hoping to pose a stylistic question regarding band tees. I, at the advanced age of twenty-three, have begun to feel distinctly immature when I leave home in a pair of skinnies, combat-esque boots and a Pink Floyd shirt. Is there any way you can suggest that would help me look a little less like a teenager and slightly more 'put-together'? It's not the nature of the bands on the shirt that bother me; I almost exclusively own Pink Floyd shirts in fairly classic designs. It is just that I feel 'sloppy' and childish when I wear such things.

Any assistance would be appreciated =)

Xanthy said...


Bunny said...

Oh that Dalek is sooo cute!

V said...

Aww Amy you look like you had a great time! And your hairband is so cute Xxxxx:)

j a y b o o said...

Hooray for Whovians! Very cool floral headband you've goth :)

vampireprincess013 said...

Finally, another goth Whovian!!! Who's your favorite Doctor? XD

Anonymous said...

Amy! I have the skull bracelet that you showed in the first picture. Did you get yours from Claire's also?

xxxx little darkling xxxx said...

I love your shoes! I recently got a pair of electric pink, shinyish, lace up, just above ankle length boots!!!! Yayyyy for pink shoes!

Amy Asphodel said...

vampireprincess013 - Matt Smith or David Tennant. Can't choose, not even at gunpoint.
Okay, maybe at gunpoint.

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